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Garry The Smokestack

A fanon tag for the character Garry from the freeware game "Ib".


A fan interpretation of the character Garry from the freeware game "Ib". It is used for illustrations in which Garry is shown smoking cigarettes.

Within the game, Garry has a well-used lighter in his inventory, so some people wonder if this doesn't mean that he's a smoker. Aside from this, he is also carrying hard candy (and in situations where it's impossible to smoke, smokers sometimes suck on candy to deal with cigarette cravings), and it is thought that his "It's really unusual, you know? I just happen to be out of them right now~" line might refer to cigarettes. And in another event, it's imaginable that he has his lighter clutched in his hand when you find him sitting against the wall because he wanted one last puff.

These are all taken as evidence that Garry might be a smoker.


But in the actual game, Garry has no cigarettes in his inventory, and Garry is not ever depicted smoking tobacco.

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