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Garry Talking Manly

A fan interpretation of Garry, a character appearing in the freeware game "Ib".


A fan interpretation ("fanon") regarding Garry, a character appearing in the freeware game "Ib". This tag is used in fanworks where Garry uses the first-person pronoun "ore" (俺) or generally utilizes a more masculine dialect of Japanese.

By using this tag, it becomes easier for people who enjoy this fanon to search for works featuring it, and it also becomes easier for people who dislike or disagree with the interpretation to avoid it using subtractive searches.


In the original game, Garry never uses masculine dialect, and no matter the situation he consistently maintains his use of lavender linguistics. Also, the official site's gallery proclaims Garry's personality to be "a little womanly".

Garry using masculine dialect is no more or less than fanon.

There are a great number of people who are uncomfortable with altering canon characterization in this manner, so out of consideration to those people, let's tag our own works appropriately so that those people may avoid them via subtractive searches.

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