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Ib (Tag name: Ib) is a horror adventure game released by kouri on February 2012. The game is released for free and has gained immense popularity amongst the Japanese.


Ib (pronounced "Eve") was created as a freeware game which can be downloaded at the creator's website Monochromuseum. Having a similar gameplay to most text-graphic adventure games, the gameplay involves solving riddles and puzzles in each section and is created using RPG Maker 2000. Ib's difficulty level is relatively simple and includes menu screens that are individualistic, an uncommon feature for a RPG Maker game.

The first version, 1.00, was released on 17 February 2012 followed by version 1.02 which was released on 27 March 2012. The most recent update is version 1.04, released on 3 March 2013, which adds two new endings, new Guertena artwork, and a whole new dungeon. According to the official site, there are plans to further refine the game and include various revisions in the near future.

A set of guidelines for videos and artworks were uploaded on 14 April 2012. Additional notes regarding doujinshi were posted on 29 April, and notes regarding prohibited contents were added on 4 May, followed by RTA notes on 6 May. Cease and Desist letter will be sent to those who do not adhere to kouri's guidelines and the work itself will be challenged and removed.

kouri also added a gallery (SPOILERS) at the main site, containing official illustrations and sketches.

An English version (external link to Tumblr), Korean version, Chinese version, and Russian version are currently available. It is also possible to view Let's Play videos from all over the world on Youtube.


One day, a girl named Ib visited a certain art museum with her parents.
However, when Ib looked at a certain artwork, all the visitors suddenly vanished, leaving her all alone.
As she search for other patrons, the art museum gradually changes...
(Information taken from official website)




The protagonist. She came to the art museum to see the "Guertena Exhibit" with her parents, but after looking at a certain painting, she wanders into a strange alternate world. The red rose she picked up inside the alternate world symbolizes her life force, and she will die if all of the petals have scattered.



A young man who Ib meets during during her journey in the strange world. He has a feminine speech pattern. He also carries a rose, which is blue. When he is in the party, he can help Ib by reading kanji that she doesn't understand and by moving heavy objects.



A mysterious girl whom Ib and Garry met in the strange world. Mary comes off as an innocent girl with an affectionate personality. Similar to Ib and Garry, she carries a yellow rose with her.


The game is lauded by players as an extremely well made game for its refined sense of horror, bountiful sub-events, random components and varied conversations. It gained popularity after its release, having various playthrough videos uploaded at Nico Nico Douga. The game's characters are also very popular as pixiv is recently receiving a vast amount of fanart uploaded by fans.

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