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Welcome to the World of Guertena

"Welcome to the World of Guertena" is one of the seven endings of the freeware game "Ib".


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An ending that was added to the game in the version upgrade of March 19 2013.

As one may imagine, this is a Mary ending.

There are a number of different switches for the ending, such as Garry failing to escape The Blue Doll Room, which must all be fulfilled.

The main difference between the requirements for this ending and the other new one is that one must raise Mary's affection for Ib.

Garry and Ib are both in a state of severe Psychological Trauma (technically, we don't know if Ib is as bad off as Garry).

Impatient with Ib, who won't get up anymore, Mary leaves the room, but she winds up returning, unable to leave her "friend" alone.

Going outside had always been Mary's dream, but she'd always wanted to make friends too......

The world that awaits Mary, who has made friends with Ib and Garry, is―――



  • With the version upgrade, there were many people who hoped for an ending where all three characters were saved.
  • But then again, this is the only ending where Ib, Garry, and Mary are all able to remain together, so you could call that part a happy ending... sort of... maybe......
  • Incidentally, compared with the other ending, one might be able to heal one's mental trauma with the knowledge that at least Mary has been saved this way.
  • Mary's joyful smile is an expression that can only be seen here, so let's observe it closely. If you've got the mental endurance.
  • One may also want to pay attention to what the other Guertena artworks are doing in the background.

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