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A Certain Painting's End

"A Certain Painting's End" is one of the seven endings of the freeware game "Ib".

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Where are you going?

You mustn't go that way

Come back

Mary was always alone and lonely in the dark art museum. The outside world was filled with sweet, delicious treats and fun games that she couldn't even imagine--at least it should have been.

She wanted to meet the father she'd always been searching for.

She wanted to make lots of the "friends" she'd always longed for.

Imagining the beautiful "outside world", Mary leaps into "Fabricated World".

But the world that awaited her there was―――

      bad girl bad girl you're a bad girl

       your heart is a fake

           in the dark

            come here


   b  y  e  -  b  y  e    m  a  r  y

A new ending that was added in the May 19 2013 version update of Ib. (For the other ending, see here)

As one might imagine, this is a Mary ending. There are many conditions for this ending, such as Garry failing to escape The Blue Doll Room, and all of them must be fulfilled. It is probably difficult to obtain this ending without some knowledge of the requirements.

Once you are headed for this ending, Mary becomes the player-controlled character. When the switch happens, you ought to give her status screen a look. Also, if you look around at the different artworks and bookshelves, you can get Mary to comment on them. From them, you can discern some surprising facts......


As you may imagine from the article above, for people who want to save Mary, this may not be a very good ending to go to.

Out of all the endings in Ib, this is held to be the most traumatizing.


  • With the version upgrade, there were many people who hoped for an ending where all three characters were saved.
  • But unlike the other ending, which you could make a case for maybe being sort of happy, this ending is a true blue bad ending where not a single character is saved.
  • Witnessing the horrifying events that tear Mary (and the player)'s hopes to pieces, fans have proclaimed this ending to be the birth of a new Trauma For All (especially for people who have already played the game and know Mary's circumstances or have read her diary and seen her picture books).
  • Towards the very end, Mary says something that overturns the fan theory that she hates Garry.
  • As written above, Mary's status screen is a must-see, but if you keep opening it again and again towards the very end of the player-controlled period......?
  • "Is there no salvation to be had?!"

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ネタバレ(?) ある絵の末路


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