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Hakutaku-tan is a character mascot representing pixiv Encyclopedia. The character was first discovered on June 30, 2011, during the release of the Japanese pixiv Encyclopedia project


Hakutaku-tan is mascot designed based on the concept of a Hakutaku (The creature is written 白沢 (ハクタク) in Japanese ).

The mascot character has since became the mascot after the maintenance, which the character is often seen at the bottom of the footer and the login screen. Hakutaku is considered by many to be outstanding, far a lot compared to the old pixpedia's character mascot, Naiyoo.

This creature is often seen hiding in a yogurt shape bottle and will expand its body like a snake when user tries to login. (→【During Login】)。
Aside from that, Hakutaku also spots a full set of eyes around its body, which is also based on the trait of a Hakutaku.

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