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Quarantine Article (pixiv)

A general summary of articles suspected of violating the terms and conditions on pixiv and the pixiv Encyclopedia.
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This is an article that must be quarantined in pixiv Encyclopedia because it is suspected of violating the terms of pixiv and pixiv Encyclopedia, as well as the Constitution of Japan and Japanese law, in other words, it must be kept away from the general public.

Reason for Existence編集

The reason for the existence of this article is an article that can only be a violation of the terms of use for the purpose of slander and unauthorized reproduction, etc., a meaningless article created by a malicious user, contents that may violate the terms of use, especially advertising and solicitation, personal tags and impression tags that are difficult for a third party to use as tags, articles that are easily vandalized due to the process of establishment, and notation. The purpose of this page is to make it easier for third parties to identify problematic articles that have been created for various reasons, such as: articles that cannot be used as tags due to their distortion and double-byte characters, articles that have been forwarded, articles that have been protected as a result of various edits, or articles that have been labeled as such due to editorial disputes caused by differences of opinion. The purpose is to make it easier for third parties to understand the article in question.

For Search編集

Since articles of this type are highly likely to be blanketed, the following search results, which are a reconstruction of the list that existed in the history of the "List of articles suffering from vandalism" may also be useful when looking for articles that have been labeled, as well as for the text for the removal and deletion of articles of this type Guidelines may be needed, but these are not currently in place, nor is there a template for blanket over protection by the management.


We recommend that you do not set this article as the parent article for articles that should actually be quarantined to avoid search, such as "articles that seem to have been created by a vandal for the purpose of defaming a third party" or "articles that cannot be used as tags", although we ask you to separate them from other articles as candidates for quarantined articles. However, these standards are self-imposed by users and not by the management (the management's actions are nopage, blank protection, and deletion of edit logs).


  • Checking new and updated articles is a good way to see if there is an edit war.
  • In order to prevent edit wars, if an article or user is found to be in violation of the Terms of Use, please report the account involved to the administrator, and if possible, make sure that the person in question has had thier account suspended before editing the article.
  • If you move the article after saying "This article is not allowed" to the author or editor, it may be resolved smoothly, but if you are slandered for doing so, you should report it.
  • Please do not categorize here items that are used as pixiv tags or are common.
  • Also, it would be better if third parties do not classify self-acting articles in these categories.

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