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Unnecessary Article

Unnecessary articles (不要記事) are articles that are not appropriate or necessary for the media in which they exist.
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There are articles that can be seen in many media, such as newspapers, magazines, and wikis on the Internet, but unfortunately, some of them make you wonder, "Is this item really necessary for this media?", that is what this term refers to. In this section, we will explain the general situation, and then provide an explanation of the relevant entries in pixiv and the pixiv Encyclopedia.

What articles are considered unnecessary編集

It is difficult to say why such articles occur, but some can be assumed. Usually, rules and regulations are established to prevent them, and there are people who check the articles based on these rules and regulations.

Not following the rules of the media編集

In general, the media have a reason for existing, and articles are written according to the rules established for that reason.

For example, a general newspaper would report facts and provide entertainment to its readers. If a newspaper were to "publish an unverified dubious document as if it were a fact," it would violate the former, and thus would be unnecessary. Of course, if there are suspicious documents or incidents in which they have been circulated, reporting them is necessary in order to raise public awareness.

There are two main types of magazines: those that cover a wide range of topics and "specialty magazines" that delve deeply into specialized knowledge. It is easy to point out that it is inappropriate to publish several articles in the latter that fall outside of that field.

The problem of authors編集

Media are created by people, but there exist cases where editors and writers write about "what they like" or "what they think" without considering the existence of readers, thereby degrading the quality of the media, and there are other cases where this occurs because people in the media try to perform work beyond their capabilities despite their own low level of skills. This is sometimes the case.

Such people are usually excluded, but there have been cases where they remain enrolled due to various circumstances.


Most media outlets are funded by sponsors. In return for their investment, they are able to advertise in the media, and they are also able to make the media write or not write certain articles. However, it is usually difficult for media outlets to defy their sponsors in response, as this would cause them to lose their investment.

What is necessary for the sponsor often does not mesh well with the reader.

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