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Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of Kimetsu no Yaiba.
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“I will definitely turn you back to human!”


BirthdayJuly 14th
AgeAt the beginning of the story 13 years old→After training(When entering Demon Slayer Corps)15 years old
HeightAt the beginning of the story 156cm→After training(When entering Demon Slayer Corps)165cm
WeightAt the beginning of the story 53kg→After training(When entering Demon Slayer Corps)61kg
Birthplace Kumotori Mountain, Okutama county, Tokyo Prefecture(Now: Kumotori Mountain, Nishitama)
Interestsbutting、do cleaning
Favorite FoodFatsia sprouts
Voice ActorsNatsuki Hanae (Young Man), Satomi Satou (Childhood)


Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of「Kimetsu no Yaiba」. He is a young man who is full of vigor and enthusiasm like the shining sun.

As the eldest brother of his family, he became the pillar of the family after his father's death. He ran a charcoal business and lived an indigent yet happy life.

One day, he went to the town at the foot of the mountain to sell charcoal as usual. In the evening, he was stopped by an old man when he was on the way to his home in the mountain.

"it's getting dark. The man-eating demon is coming out." The old man said.

He thought that the old and lonely widower told this terrible story with the intention of hoping him to stay, so he stayed at the old widower's house for one night.

Sure enough, his family was slaughtered by demon, and only his sister, Nezuko, survived. However, she was turned into a human devouring demon.

In order to let his sister return to human again and in order to avenge the dead family.

In the raging wind of blood, tonight Tanjiro is still wielding his demon slaying blade.



He is a quite kind-hearted, meticulous and vivacious person. From the time he started the business of making charcoal, he was admired and respected by people in the town.

After becoming a demon slayer, he still maintained a gentle and kind heart. Although his opponent was man-eating demons, he did not forget the importance of life. When the head of demon was cut off, he clasps his hands to release their souls from suffering.

At the same time, he can calmly show his indignation to those who play with life at will and to those who hurt the weak.

His upright and kind way of life exerted a positive impact on nature and everything around him –namely Nichirin.

He thinks that the only surviving family, Nezuko, is more important than his own life. In order to find a way to make her become human again, he endured tough and difficult training and became a demon slayer, and then he risked his life to carry out the mission of killing demons.

Therefore, considering that demons were formerly human beings, he was disgusted with those who trampled on demons who felt painful when they became demon and regretted what they had done improperly when they became demon. He considered demons as "empty and sorrowful creatures".

Although Tanjiro was very gentle and slightly naive, he gave a scornful look to his contemporary swordsman, Zenitsu Agatsuma, who often made a fool of himself (Zenitsu Agatsuma said "it was like looking at another creature" ), which fully demonstrated his character.

On the other hand, because of his honesty, he is stubborn and tactless, even if his opponent is Hashira, he will never shrink back, he is quite stubborn. For this reason, in the "Hashira Training Chapter", in the face of Wind Hashira who had a particularly strong aversion to demon and said "disagree", although Tanjiro was not malicious, he said with a smile "No problem! I don't agree with you either! ", later he made an enemy of wind Hashira.

In addition, he had great confidence in himself perhaps because he inherited the Dance of the Fire God from his family mentioned later. When he first saw the train, he mistook it for the patron saint of the land. When sound pillar, Uzui called themselves "god", he asked seriously "What are you in charge of? "

Of course, he did not stir up troubles and satirized others, he meant no harm to others. Looking back, there were also many people who said that whether it was a person or a demon, he could always say something that made the other person angry. He is as likely to have "the ability to easily offend others" as This guy.

His appearance is characterized by red hair and eyes, and he is considered to be the lucky "son of blazing flame" born in a family engaged in fire related work.

In addition, he has a large and prominent red mole on his left forehead.

At the beginning of the story, he was burned by the overturned fire pot in order to protect his younger brother (Takeo) during his childhood. However, the same place was injured many times in the final selection, and the scar became more obvious.

In addition, he wears earrings like Koi-Koi with sun patterns on both ears as a decoration.

This is the evidence as the successor of the breath style mentioned later, "Breath of Sun". Muzan Kibutsuji, as the ancestor of the demon and the enemy of the family seems to have an impression on this earring....

From the time he lived in the mountains, he has been fond of wearing green and black pine-patterned Haori. After joining Demon Slayer Corps, he would also wear Haori on his Gakuran.

In addition, when the final choice was made, he wore the same Haori with cloud pattern as Urokodaki and a fox mask which is used to dispel bad luck.

Before joining Demon Slayer Corps, his hair could barely be tied up, but by the end of his training with Urokodaki, his hair had grown very long. On the eve of the final selection, he had his long hair cut and has been keeping his current hairstyle since then.

He is very honest and is not good at lying. If he tries to put on airs, he will be making faces]. In addition, when he taught Inosuke to sing carp streamer, he turned the song into a curse song. He is also not good at painting. Even with the guidance and explanation of other people, he will make others confused (In this regard, he is similar to Love Hashira Kanroji)

In addition, his lack of talent and competence is also reflected in Full Focus Breath mentioned later. The black color of his sword indicates that he is not suitable for the breath of water and he cannot employ the technique to the extreme.

As for the breath of Dance of the Fire God, there is a hypothesis that if the sword of the first swordsman who masters breath style is black, then he is suitable for this breath. However, the connection between breath style and the black sword is uncertain, moreover, the body of Tanjiro is growing and developing, and it cannot be said with certainty that he cannot employ this breath style.

On the other hand, his character setting is hard working genius , which is very rare in the recent JUMP magazine. In animation, he has experienced perilous practice for several times, which greatly enhanced his strength. His strength can rival Upper Moons of The Twelve Demon Moons. In addition, he has a deep insight, and also quite intelligent and tactful.

Besides the fact that he has the mark, although there are some exception, Tanjiro is valued and admired by Hashiras both in combat effectiveness and moral quality. His evaluation in the team is higher than his actual rank.

In addition, in Hashira Training Chapter, he has engaged in family business in his hometown mentioned above. He is very familiar with fire and good at cooking. Therefore, he was called "mother" by other teammates in Demon Slayer Corps….

By the way, due to his over protection of Nezuko, he is considered to be Sister-con . For Tanjiro, who suddenly lost his family without reason, Nezuko is his only surviving family. He has a sense of responsibility to strive for his sister's happiness, so he is not simply spoiling his sister.

He made his effort to take care of his sister. At the same time, he also entertained a mild affection and sense of shame corresponding to his age for young female.


Father:Tanjuro (Character Voice:Shin-ichiro Miki

Mother:Kie(Character Voice:Hōko Kuwashima

The oldest brother:Tanjiro

The oldest sister:Nezuko(Character Voice:Akari Kito

Younger Brother:Takeo(Character Voice:You Taichi

Younger Sister:Hanako(Character Voice:Konomi Kohara

Younger Brother:Shigeru(Character Voice:Kaede Hondo

Younger Brother:Rokuta


Tanjiro was the eldest of five siblings. By the time of the first episode, his ailing father, Tanjuro, had already died (It can be seen from the dialogue in the animation that his father had been dead for a long time), and Tanjiro relied on selling charcoal to support his family. In addition, his grandmother was also alive when Tanjiro was young.

Each generation of his family would perform Dance of the Fire God, which is now inherited by Tanjiro along with the earrings.

It is said that his parent would fry pancakes for him after the ceremony. (according to the animation version of "Taisho KotsuKotsu Gossip").


Sense of smell

His sense of smell is more sensitive than ordinary people, he has a sensitive sense of smell like a beast which can identify the smell of animals and plants, find the missing people and detect the approach of the demons.

After two years of training by Sakonji Urokodaki who is a“cultivator" , his sense of smell grew stronger, allowing him to know when to strike a deadly blow in battle.


His sense of smell involves psychological factors, and it can also make perceptual judgments on the timing of the killing, the character of the other party and the falseness and reality of speech.

In addition, the stronger the demon's power becomes, the stronger the rotten smell will be on the body.

Physical ability

The physical ability of the selected demon slayers after training is superior to that of ordinary people, and they can instantly improve their physical abilities to battle against demons through "Full Focus Breath" mentioned later.

In addition, if they have a minor fracture, it won't affect their daily life, they can still engage in killing demons after a few days (which is necessary), and they are very sturdy.

Tanjiro's body is not in line with his age. His hands were thick and full of scars, and it is unbelievable that he has such hands.

But he's only 15, and he's still growing. After learning Full Focus Breath, his physical ability will continue to improve.

In addition, there is powerful stone as a physical ability with characteristic.

In the state of stone, he broke the head of Nezuko, made Inosuke who had been hitting the tree with his head fainted, and knocked down the former pillar Kyoujurou Rengoku, which was quite extraordinary.

(Senjurou Rengoku who saw this stopped him and said that it's better to stop butting.)

Although he was regarded as an ordinary demon slayer in the team and he cooperated with Hashiras who were the core of Demon Slayer Corps and his teammates to battle against demons, he had killed one demon of lower moons of The Twelve Demon Moons and two demons of upper moons with absolute strength before the decisive battle against Muzan. In Hashira Training, many demon slayers chose to abstain in the middle of the testing. However, Tanjiro is all qualified. His strength is much stronger than his teammates and can rival Hashiras. In the past, his sword was broken when he battled against Rui.

In Mugen city he was capable of defeating demons who had the same strength as Rui with one hit, which showed his growth and progress.

Full Focus Breathing Breath of Water


Originally, he made a living by burning charcoal on the top of the mountain where the air was thin. As an ordinary youth, his physical ability was relatively strong. However, he significantly enhanced his heart and lungs through strict practices and training in Sagiri Mountain where the air was extremely thin.

Moreover, he mastered “Full Focus Breath” which can significantly strengthen his heart and lungs and allow him to absorb large amounts of oxygen into the blood at one time and instantly enhance his physical ability that is equal to demons.

However, demon slayers are human beings. Demons are almost immortal, in contrast, demon slayers' wounds heal slowly. If they lose their hands and feet, they cannot recover. Therefore, Tanjiro always relies on his sense of smell to search for enemies and battle against demons carefully.

There are many different kinds of Full Focus Breath according to the cultivator as a master or swordsman’s own style.

Tanjiro learned “Breath of Water” from his master Urokodaki who was the former water Hashira. This school, as its name suggests, can deal with different situations as varied as water. In theory, there is no enemy that cannot be dealt with "Breath of Water".

Moreover, since Tanjiro is not suitable for Breath of Water, the blade of his The Nichirin Sword is easy to be damaged when fighting, and he cannot employ this breath style to the extreme like Urokodaki and Giyu.

  • First Style ~ Tenth Style

Sakonji taught this technique to his disciples. Please refer to the section of Breath of Water for details.

In addition, Tanjiro improvised with these ten styles to create his own unique techniques.

  • Seventh Style Piercing Rain Drop・Curve(Shizuku hamon tsuki・kyoku)

Seventh Style is the fastest attack technique. This technique allows the user to attack in an oblique curve instead of straight line. This is a development technique that can mitigate the attack force of the enemy.

  • Third Style + Sixth Style Twisting Whirlpool・Current(Nejire uzu・ryuryu)

Third Style allows the user to move as flexibly as the water flow and Sixth Style allows the user to enhance his strength in the state of strongly twisting of the upper and lower body, and chop powerfully. The combination of Third Style and Sixth Style allows the user to dodge the attack of the enemy while reducing the attack distance.

  • Second Style・Modified Horizontal Water Wheel(Yoko mizu guruma)

Originally, the user was attacking while rotating his body vertically. Later, this technique was changed to attack while rotating his body horizontally.

  • Ninth Style Water Splash・Chaos(Suiryu shibuki・ran)

Ninth Style allows the user to run continuously and freely through special footwork even in the place with bad foothold. The technique can also be performed in the three-dimensional space, this is a development technique that allows user to run in the wall and ceiling indoors.

Breath of Dance of the Fire God


As the eldest son, Tanjiro inherited the earrings from his father Tanjuro, as well as the Kagura of dispelling bad luck and breath style of his family.

Tanjiro's family is engaged in charcoal burning business, which has something to do with flame. He knows and learns the dance of worshipping God of Flame, but when it is combined with The Nichirin Sword, it can launch powerful skills.

However, in contrast, users have to bear a great burden and will be quite fatigued. It was expected that Tanjiro's body might not reach this level.

Breath style combined by Breath of Water and Dance of the Fire God

During the battle with The sixth of Upper Moons, Tanjiro, who had been forced to the limit by injuries and fatigue, improvised this breath style.

Just like the predecessors, the breath style and swordsmanship that are suitable for him are found out by exerting his strength to the maximum extent and slowly exploring in the dark.

The combination of Dance of the Fire God and Breath of Water is more powerful than Breath of Water, and it can also relieve fatigue generated by Dance of the Fire God.

Equipments (Supplies of Demon Slayer Corps)

Demon slayers are supplied with The Nichirin Sword and team uniforms and there are Kasugai Crows that are assigned to convey tasks and engage in supervision

The Nichirin Sword

Because immortal demons can only be killed by the sun, so this knife is the only weapon that can cut off their heads and kill them. It is also known as the "color-changing sword" which changes the color of the blade according to the swordsman who first used it.

The color of blade of Tanjiro is jet black.

The color of The Nichirin Sword correctly indicates the "breath" of its owner, however, it is not clear which breath system the black corresponds to, because there is no human who reaches the level of Hashira. (Flame Hashira, Kyoujurou Rengoku, said: "it's very difficult"). In fact, Tanjiro knew that he didn't have the ability to reach the level of extreme of "breath of water", he couldn't attack very well, and the precision of the chop was also very low. The sword broke when he was in Natagumo Mountain, and the blade was damaged in the battle with Daki, which had something to do with it.

The shape of the blade varies of different swordsman varies, Tanjiro's blade has a radial and transparent circle, which is reminiscent of the shape of a wheel or sun.

In addition, new Nichirin Sword will be assigned to demon slayers whose Nichirin Sword was damaged during mission.

  • The Zero Generation

He borrowed The Nichirin Sword from his master Urokodaki Sakonji, the sword maker is unknown, he used this sword to pass the final selection, and battled againist The Hand Demon. After the final selection, the sword is thought to have been returned to Urokodaki .

This is the only Nichirin Sword whose blade is blue among all The Nichirin Swords that Tanjiro have employed(It can be seen from the animation that the swordsman holding the sword at first was not Tanjiro, but Urokodaki who was suitable for Breath of Water.)

  • The First Generation


When he passed the final selection of Demon Slayer Corps, he picked the ores to forge his sword. The sword maker is Haganezuka.

During the mission in Natagumo Mountain, this sword was broken when Tanjiro battled against Ruiof The Twelve Demon Moons who generated steel threads through Blood Demon Technique. This sword is also the first time to use Blood Demon Technique.

How dare you break my sword! How dare you! How dare you!

  • The Second Generation

This sword was forged during his recovery and training after the battle in Natagumo Mountain. The sword maker is Haganezuka.

In the following Mugen Train mission, when Akaza tried to escape from the sun, Tanjiro threw the sword at his back, which was called the last hit. As a result, the sword disappeared and was finally smashed by the furious Akaza.

"What did you think about it!!" how did you lose the knife? "Damn you…Damn you!!! "

  • The Third Generation

The sword was forged after battle in Mugen Train. The sword maker is Haganezuka.

He employed his sword to battle against Daki who ranked sixth in Upper Moons,

and the blade of his sword was broken by ribbons which Daki used as weapon. The sword was judged to be useless for future tasks and was discarded. (Maybe it can be repaired by forging again.)

"No sword for you."(The first one)"Never forgive you, never forgive you." (The second one)"I curse you, I hate you."(The third one)

  • The Fourth Generation

The sword was forged by Haganezuka after battle in Entertainment District.

Instead of cutting off head of Hantengu, Tanjiro's sword was swallowed by him, and then this sword disappeared.

The sword was eventually lost in battle, and the fifth generation mentioned later was handed over to the Tanjiro who found it.

The sword might have been found later, and Haganezuka said nothing about this sword among all the broken or lost swords of Tanjiro.

  • The Fifth Generation

This sword was originally used by demon slayers in Sengoku period.

The sword was hidden in a puppet. After 400 years, it was corroded badly.

Haganezuka took a lot of time and energy to polish the sword, and then insert the "blade of flame" mentioned later, finally the sword was completed.

It is uncertain that it's due to Tanjiro or The worst disaster. The sword seems to reflect its owner of 400 years ago. The color of the sword is as black as the deep night.

In addition, the blade is engraved with "SLAY ". Haganezuka explained that the word means to eliminate all demons. This sword is forged for this idea.

When Haganeuka gave this sword to Tanjiro, he asked Tanjiro to promise to bring him Mitarashi rice dumplings all the time.

" Well, Tanjiro, you should be bringing me Mitarashi rice dumplings till I die. Well, understand? "

Team uniform

切り絵 鬼滅の刃 8

The team uniform is black Gakuran with a word “SLAY” on its back.

The uniforms are made of special fibers, this uniform have good air permeability and are waterproof and fireproof. In addition, the uniform was so strong that the demon's claws and fangs could not tear it apart.

However, the equipment used to defend the attack of demons of Upper Moons is not practical. ( (´・ω・`) In low spirits)

Kasugai Crow

Kasugai Crow. This king of crow is capable of understanding human language and speaking. Each demon slayer is assigned a crow which appears out of nowhere and communicates the location of the mission and the strange things that happen there.

Crows have different characters. Tanjiro's crow is fond of suddenly pecking Tanjiro with its beak, and shouting and scaring children to amuse itself, it is a little bit wicked in some ways.

Moreover, according to the animated Mini Corner, all crows have names, and Tanjiro' crow is called Matsuemon Tennouji .

Equipments(Personal belongings)


The earrings resemble Koi-Koi in appearance with sun patterns on it. (However, the former Koi-Koi has no sun patterns. )

The Dance of the Fire God and the earrings were passed down from generation to generation in his family, and he inherited it as the eldest son. His father, the previous successor, said that the succession was an “agreement". However, he did not elaborate on the meaning of the agreement to Tanjiro.

There was always one man of The Rengoku Family who became the Hashira of Breath of Flame in Demon Slaying Corps. It was spread in his family that the earrings, as the origin, represented the supreme breath style, and also represented the user of the "Breath of Sun", but the details about it were still unclear.

The box on his back

To protect Nezuko as a demon from the sun as they made their way, Urokodaki made this firm box. This box is made of very light wood which is stronger with rock paint.

Usually, she shrank into a smaller size and slept in the box, but when her brother had a crisis, she jumped out of the box and joined the battle. Her strength as a demon was like a storm.

The dagger for blood collection

He began to carry the dagger after the mission in Asakusa. He took the dagger from Tamayo, who was both a wandering demon and a doctor. It has a special structure that automatically draws blood from the dead body of demon and stores it in the hilt. This dagger was made by Yushiro.

For the sake of his sister and others, Tanjiro accepted the commission to collect more blood of powerful demon in order to study "healing medicine" for demons. This matter is also the subject of discussion now. Of course, there could not have been enough time to collect blood in the battle. He used the dagger to collect blood in the short time when the dead demon was about to turn to ashes.

After taking the blood, the dagger was delivered to Tamayo who was on her mission somewhere else by her colored cat who appeared from nowhere. The cat worried about him and stayed beside him while Tanjiro was unconscious (Well done!). When Tanjiro woke up, this cat was very happy with its tail up.

Blade of flame

He started carrying the blade after the mission in Mugen Train. This is the blade of Nichirin Sword of The Last Flame Hashira. He guarded it with a passionate and strong heart.

Because of the request of the family of flame Hashira, Tanjiro accepted the blade.

In animation version

The original song, Song of Tanjiro, was inserted into the 19th episode The Fire God and played as ED Theme.

Judging from the tune of Song of Tanjiro, plot of the story and powerful battle scenes, many viewers said, "Eh? Is this the last episode?" and "Is this the movie version?".


Natsuki Hanae, as the voice actor, appeared on the Halloween of 2019 in the Recreation District Chapter. In order to invade the Recreation District, Tanjiro disguised as a woman (commonly known as Tanji > https://twitter.com/hanae0626/status/1189839016281001986?s=21]] ) and later he appeared in [failed disguise] in Asakusa Chapter. A man with glasses in disguise passes Tanjiro who runs to demons by.> https://twitter.com/hanae0626/status/1189880577362542593?s=21]] .

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Protagonist Eldest son Stone Seriousness Natural Airhead

Tanjiro Birthday Ceremony(Tag of Birthday Ceremony

  • TorikoToriko)…He also has an excellent sense of smell.
  • Ichigo KurosakiBLEACH)…He also uses jet black sword.
  • Jonathan JoestarJoJo's Bizarre Adventure)…They have a lot in common,such as "Both of them battle against demons who consume human", "Both of them master special breath styles", "Both of them are righteous man who can't bear those who bully the weak"and "Both of them maintain politeness and kindness to enemies who attack them" ,and so on.
  • Ryougi ShikiKara no Kyoukai)、Shiki TohnoTsukihime)…They have something in common, such as " Both of them are good at using swords", " Both of them can use threads to fight" and " Both of them fight with non-human creatures".

  • Kazuki MutoBusou Renkin)…He is also the protagonist of JUMP, and they have something in common, such as "Both of them use the only weapon that can eliminate the monsters which was human before transformation", "Both of them cherish their sister", "Both of them are warm and passionate". Both of them aim to find a way to turn the man-consuming monsters back into human beings. They both have superiors who forbid them from having contact with monsters. However, their attitude to man-consuming monsters and combat styles are very different.

  • Kenichi ShirahamaKenichi)…He is the protagonist of combat manga serialized in Sunday. They have something in common, such as "Both of them easily annoy others,Both of them often exert negative influence on others around him due to their reckless actions" "Both of them are often defeated for the gap of talent and strength between them and others is relatively large, but they never give up and insist on forging to enhance themselves". Kenichi also has sister. However, their attitude towards life is different, and Kenichi thought that eroticism is the highest pursuit of life ", on the contrary, Tanjiro is quite well-behaved, he often admonishs obstinate Zenitsu Agatsuma who has improper thought on women.

  • HigekiriTouken Ranbu)…In addition to having something to do with the character in Kimetsu no Yaiba, Higekiri is also known as " ONIKINIMARU ".

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