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Military (ミリタリー) is a term that refers to matters governed by the military.
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Military (ミリタリー) is a term that refers to matters governed by the military, the content of which is of public interest and political importance. The military, along with civil affairs, is one of the fields that deal with international relations and is considered one of the main administrative functions of government, along with diplomacy and economics.

In understanding why the military is associated with public interest and importance, the views of the Florentine political thinker Niccolò Machiavelli are instructive. In his "Theory of Political Strategy," he argues that "a nation should be ashamed of a leader who does not have an army composed of his own people when he has to resort to battle. For without the will to secure its own security by itself, a nation cannot expect independence and peace.

The realist political philosophy that the outbreak of war is inevitable and that armaments are necessary to deal with it has become a basic tenet of military affairs.

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