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Philosophy (哲学) is a study that investigates the fundamental truths, values, and ideals of the world through reason and intellect.


Philosophy (哲学, tetsugaku), in ancient Greece, it meant learning in general, but as a result of the derivation and independence of all sciences from it, it now refers to the study of fundamental principles that are self-evidently assumed by other sciences and the study of the universal valid values of truth, goodness, and beauty as the human ideal itself. It includes ethics, aesthetics, and logic, and is closely related to pure mathematics and linguistics.

Philosophy tag on pixiv

It is rarely used in the sense of academic philosophy.

The latter has nothing to do with the original philosophy, but both of them are probably born from the common point that they are not understood by many viewers and characters of the world they represent.

This tag is also applied to illustrations depicting the popular Nico Nico Douga Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling, Billy Herrington, and more.

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