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Original is a tag used to define works that are done, and created originally without taking any derivative elements from any existing works. For character creations that does not belong to anything else, the tag Original Character is used instead.


This tag is for illustrations with content that is entirely created by the artist; specifically not related to any established fictional or non-fictional content.

Do not use this tag for any sort of derivative works. Fan-art, parody-art, and fan-characters related to an established franchise (e.g. Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, Pokemon, etc. fan-characters) should NOT have this tag. In any of the above instances, use the tag related to the franchise in question so as to help better group the image with related fan-works.

If your illustration is an interpretation of a piece of public domain fiction (e.g. mythological figures, fairy tales, etc.) use your judgment as to whether you think the illustration should use this tag or the tag for the relevant piece of fiction. In most instances, the tag for the relevant piece of fiction is likely to be more appropriate.

In addition to the above criteria, if the work in question is meant to serve as concept art intended to help establish an original fictional setting or characters, the illustration may qualify for the Production Art tag either instead of or in addition to this tag (see that tag for specifics).

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