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Reisen Udongein Inaba

Reisen Udongein Inaba (Tag name : 鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバ) is one of the characters from Touhou Project. First appeared in Imperishable Night, she is one of the legendary lunar rabbits who fled from the Moon to Earth as a refugee.



The fifth boss in Imperishable Night, student of Eirin Yagokoro.
She once lived in the moon, but due to Lunar Wars between the two worlds that began in 1969 A.D. after the Apollo 11 "invasion", she now lives in Gensokyo's Eientei.

While in Eientei, her duty has been none other than fulfilling errands, a task given by her master Eirin (along with learning what she teaches). Thus it's an everyday task for Reisen to complete, to the point of being forced sometimes.

However, that errand itself including protecting Eientei's owner and master, Kagura Houraisan. While Eirin is actually the one who is tasked to do so, Reisen is acting as the assistant. Aside from that, she handles all house chores of Eientei or watch over youkai rabbits who live within the lost bamboo thickets, and also go to villages for various errands. To most, she can be considered close to jack of all trades.

She is especially bumped and bothered when dealing with Tewi Inaba, who is the lord of the lost bamboo thickets. This especially give her headache when she has to be the middle-man between her master and Tewi.

She is also considered a top tier character in terms of battle and fighting, which her former masters, Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime were impressed with her ability.

Secondary Names

Mad Moon Rabbit (狂気の月の兎)
Sight-Shaking Youkai Rabbit (視界を揺さぶる妖怪兎)
Mad Redeyes (狂気の赤眼)
Redeyes of the Mountain Vapor (狂気の赤い瞳)
Mad Red Eyes (晴嵐の赤眼)


Lunar Rabbit

Lunar Rabbits (or Moon rabbit) are rabbits that live in the moon. In the moon world they are considered to be a slave level resident. In other words, their occupation is basically a labourer.

However, their treatment doesn't seem to be as cruel as it sounds, and they basically live happily as one.

Due to the naivety, their curiosity easily got them excited, and basically love doing things whatever they like.

During Reisen's period in the moon before she escaped as a refugee, she keeps going back and forth between Moon and Earth while at the same time worked as a defender and water for the moon city.

For once, she is considered to be an ace who excels in battle.





Imperishable Night


Dresses in a black business suit over her white shirt with a necktie. Her left suit-collar is decorated with a crescent moon-shaped insignia, and there appears to be paper or business cards poking out of her left shirt pocket. Wears a beige skirt.

Phantasmagoria Of Flower View


Red eyes, long light-purple hair and long rumpled rabbit ears. Dresses in a white shirt with a red necktie, without her blazer seen in Imperishable Night. There is a clip on her necktie in the shape of a carrot. Wears a purple skirt.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Touhou Hisoutensoku

ポッポ ポッポ ハトポッポ

Same as above, except her dress, her ears and eyes are both dark green, and shirt and hair are light green. But in Hisoutensoku this is slightly changed, with wearing a short sleeve white shirt, a red belt, and a blue skirt similar to PoFV.





Interestingly, while possessing lunacy related powers, her attitude is so a carefree one, and her personality while in battle and her personality outside battle is essentially different.


Lunacy-inducing eyes, Lunacy control


Wavelength manipulation


Theme Song

・Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon 「狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon」

Danmaku (Bullet Hell)



Reisen's Danmaku is mainly formed using bullets. However they are not produced by real guns, but is formed from Reisen's finger by sticking out her thumb and index finger while hiding the rest, posing as if she is using a real gun. This bullet contains the ability to control insanity (mainly illusion), and it is used mainly on Spellcards.

Ironically, it is said that Reisen's danmaku, when it does not contain any lunacy powers, is far more tighter and harsher compared to her danmaku with her ability infused with it. Some people also believed that using illusion however weakens her ability. However, her spellcard is purposely made that way because it will otherwise break the spellcard rule (Spellcards are meant to be avoidable). Hence it is also said that Reisen purposely used illusion to create an escape route for danmaku players to play around with.

Considering how Reisen uses her danmaku in a way how people use a gun, there are many illustrations drawn depicting her actually holding a gun. Some illustrations submitted in pixiv actually portrayed Reisen's use of her danmaku perfectly, and some believed that she looks a lot cooler holding a gun.

Also, Her bullets are sometimes depicted as a joke for many fans. Considering how it is shaped like a suppository, there are many illustrations of her that are attached with the "Suppository" tag.

Spell Card

One thing to note, while her spellcard is written in Kanji, her spellcard is pronounced in English instead.
Wave Sign "Red-Eyed Hypnosis (Mind Shaker)"
Imperishable Night

波符「赤眼催眠(マインドシェイカー)」Wave Sign "Red-Eyed Hypnosis (Mind Shaker)"EN
幻波「赤眼催眠(マインドブローイング)」Visionary Wave "Red-Eyed Hypnosis (Mind Blowing)"HL
狂符「幻視調律(ビジョナリチューニング)」Lunatic Sign "Hallucinogenic Tuning (Visionary Tuning)"EN
狂視「狂視調律(イリュージョンシーカー)」Lunatic Gaze "Lunatic Stare Tuning (Illusion Seeker)"HL
懶符「生神停止(アイドリングウェーブ)」Loafing Sign "Life and Spirit Stopping (Idling Wave)"EN
懶惰「生神停止(マインドストッパー)」Indolence "Life and Spirit Stopping (Mind Stopper)"HL
散符「真実の月(インビジブルフルムーン)」Spread Sign "Moon of Truth (Invisible Full Moon)"ENHL
*⑴月眼「月兎遠隔催眠術(テレメスメリズム)」Lunar Eyes "Lunar Rabbit's Remote Mesmerism (Tele-Mesmerism)"
*⑵「幻朧月睨(ルナティックレッドアイズ)」"Lunatic Red Eyes"

*⑴ - Last Spell
*⑵ - Last Word

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
波符「月面波紋(ルナウェーブ)」Wave Sign "Luna Wave"Charge Attack 2、3
散符「栄華之夢(ルナメガロポリス)」Scatter Sign "Luna Megalopolis"Boss Attack

Shoot the Bullet
散符「朧月花栞(ロケット・イン・ミスト)」Spread Sign "Rocket in Mist"Level4-4
波符「幻の月(インビジブルハーフムーン)」Wave Sign "Invisible Half-Moon"Level4-6
狂夢「風狂の夢(ドリームワールド)」Mad Dream "Lunatic Dream (Dream World)"Level4-9

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Touhou Hisoutensoku
Scarlet Weather RhapsodyStory Mode Only
迫符「脅迫限界(オプセッショナー)」Force Sign "Menacing Threshold (Obsession)"
幻弾「幻想視差(ブラフバラージ)」Phantasmal Bullet "Illusion Parallax (Bluff Barrage)"
幻兎「平行交差(パラレルクロス)」Phantasmal Rabbit "Parallel Cross"

・Player Deck Card
惑視「離円花冠(カローラヴィジョン)」Charming Look "Corolla Vision"
弱心「喪心喪意(ディモチヴィエイション)」Weak Heart "Demotivation"
毒煙幕「瓦斯織物の玉」Poison Smokescreen "Gas-Woven Orb"
長視「赤月下(インフレアドムーン)」Farsight "Infrared Moon"
幻爆「近眼花火(マインドスターマイン)」Illusion Bomb "Mind Starmine"
幻惑「花冠視線(クラウンヴィジョン)」Fascination "Corolla Glance (Crown Vision)"
喪心「喪心創痍(ディスカーダー)」Desolation "Discarder"
生薬「国士無双の薬」Life Elixir "Grand Patriot's Elixir"
短視「超短脳波(エックスウェイブ)」Shortsight "X-wave"
赤眼「望見円月(ルナティックブラスト)」Red Eye "Viewing the Circle Moon (Lunatic Blast)"
「幻朧月睨(ルナティックレッドアイズ)」"Lunatic Red Eyes"


Eirin Yagokoro

Tewi Inaba

Kaguya Houraisan

Watatsuki Sisters
Reisen's former master. While recognized as official characters of Touhou, both of them did not appear in the main franchise, hence they are not related to Reisen. According to them, while Reisen has sense (in skills), her personality is actually quite difficult to handle.

Reisen met the sister once again in 4-koma. Yorihime would give her some lessons to fix her up, while Toyohime would bring out peaches during the exchange. For that moment, it seems to be some nostalgic moment to the three of them.

Two of them. Double Reisen!
The another Reisen who received the same name from the same people. While considered to be the successor to Reisen who escaped to Gensokyo, she is far inferior compared to the previous Reisen.

Met at 4-koma for the first time. Though the exchange seemed awkward at first, they seemed to be consistently under good terms.


Personality Analyse


Character NameWavelengthReference
Reimu Hakurei(Very) Long/Short長い時と短い時が交互にある
Marisa KirisameComparatively normalこう見えて安定している
Sakuya IzayoiSlightly long少しずつ暢気になってる?
Youmu KonpakuComparatively long見るからにそうだ
Lyrica PrismriverChanges with voice波長に合わせて音が変わる?
Merlin PrismriverQuite long心地の良い揺らぎ
Lunasa PrismriverQuite short人を不安にさせる揺らぎ
Mystia LoreleiQuite short何を考えているか伝わりにくい
Tewi InabaIncredibly short近くにいるとすぐに判る
Aya ShameimaruStable誰にでも合わせられる気質
Medicine MelancholyIncomparably short普通の人には声が届かない
Yuuka KazamiIncomparably long花の波長もそんなもの
Komachi OnozukaQuite longかなり長い短いかと思った
Yamaxanadu ShikiekiOut of topology決して干渉しないから人を裁ける

About Name Callings

In pixiv or any other Touhou committee, Reisen is usually referred as "Udonge"(うどんげ). Considering how long her name is, illustrations in pixiv are usually tagged using her full name coupled with Udonge.

Hence, searching for Udonge will usually bring satisfying results compared to using her real name. On the other hand, her very first name, Reisen is used for the other Touhou character, simply and also named Reisen from Touhou Bougetsushou ~ Silent Sinner in Blue. While her name is written in Katakana and sometimes mixed with the other Reisen (searching both 鈴仙 and レイセン together, for example, such illustrations are far little compared to searching illustrations using her full name.

By the way, this is how Reisen refers to other Eientei residents :

  • Eirin:Oshishio-sama (My master), Shishio (Master)
  • Kaguya: Kaguya-sama (Master Kaguya), Ohimesama (Princess)
  • Tewi: Tewi

・Name Origin

・Episode Regarding Her Name


・During artwork search in pixiv
「鈴仙」単体の場合もあるので「鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバ」よりも「鈴仙」で検索する方が有効で、「鈴仙」で検索後「うどんげ -鈴仙」で検索する、というようにマイナス検索を使うと効率が良い。
一度で検索したい場合は「鈴仙 OR うどんげ」といったようにOR検索を使うのが有効。
→Search result for "鈴仙 OR うどんげ"

Derivative Scene

A very coward character.

She is mainly potrayed as a coward, though obedient but always bullied and teased character. Kaguya would always task Reisen with ridiculous errands, while her master Eirin would treat her as a guinea pig for her medicine experiments. In other words, she is frequently harassed; Tewi, on the other hand would frequently pull pranks on her. In the end, she is considered to be a character who suffers the most as a servant after Youmu Konpaku.

Coupling wise, she is majorly paired with Eirin, followed by her bad friend Tewi Inaba. She is also seen paired with Kaguya, although it's not as frequently seen. She can also be seen paired with Youmu.

Her spellcard, that certain naming sense can also be seen as a meme material. Hence, she is often involved in a discussion on naming sense along with Remilia Scarlet, and sometimes, Ichirin Kumoi.

Related Illustrations

love makes the world go round!

Appeared Works


Imperishable Night (東方永夜抄~ Imperishable Night)
Phantasmagoria of Flower View (東方花映塚~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View)
Shoot the Bullet (東方文花帖~ Shoot the Bullet)
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody(東方緋想天~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)
Touhou Hisoutensoku (東方非想天則~ 超弩級ギニョルの謎を追え)


Strange and Bright Nature Deity (東方三月精~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity)
Silent Sinner in Blue (東方儚月抄~ Silent Sinner in Blue)
Cage in Lunatic Runagate (東方儚月抄~ Cage in Lunatic Runagate)
Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth (東方儚月抄 月のイナバと地上の因幡)
Oriental Sacred Place (東方三月精 ~ Oriental Sacred Place)

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