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Marisa Kirisame

Marisa Kirisame (霧雨 魔理沙) is a main character from Touhou Project.


Titles A Being made of Magic and Red Dream (Yume, Gen) / A Magician (Yume, Kai) / Magician (Kai) / Sorceress(Kai) / Magician of Red Dreams (Shuu) / Oriental Western Magician (Kou) / The Strange Magician (Kou) / Ordinary Black-Magic Girl (You, Ei) / Ordinary Black Magician (You, Ei) / Ordinary Black-Magic Girl (Ei) / Magician of the Drizzle (Hi) / Ordinary Magician (You, Sui, Ei, Ka, Gumon, Fuu, Hi, Chi, Sei, Ki, Kan) / The Magician Passing By (Dai) / Ordinary Magician (DS) / Boldly Timid Human (Ibara) / Magician of Greedy Desires (Shin) / Extremely Ordinary Magician (Suzu) / The Human-Representative Magician (Shin) / Horror! Magician of the School (Shin) / Magician Shivering in the Arctic Cold (Ten) / High-Firepower and Star-Loving Magician (Hyou) / Excruciatingly Ordinary Magician (Ki)
OccupationMagician, Kirisame Magic Shop owner, burglar, part-time youkai hunter
AbilityAbility to use magic
ResidenceKirisame Magic Shop, Forest of Magic
Works of AppearanceAlmost all works, see below
Theme SongLove-Colored Magic (Fuu, Sui, Hi) / Dim. Dream (Yume) / Selene's light (Gen) / Casket of Star ~ Casket of Star (Gen, Hi) / The Witches' Ball ~ Magus (Shuu, Sui) / Love-colored Master Spark (Ei, Shin) / Oriental Dark Flight (Ka) / Magus Night (Dai)

Marisa Kirisame (霧雨 魔理沙, Kirisame Marisa) is another protagonist in Touhou Project, along with Reimu Hakurei.

Modern Version Overview

Marisa is a player character, like Reimu, in all works except Touhou Bunkachou, Double Spoiler, Fairy Wars and Impossible Spell Card. Among these four works, she has appeared as a boss in Double Spoiler, Fairy Wars and Impossible Spell Card, though.


魔理沙立ち絵 オプション&表情差分

Marisa was designed with a pigtail on one side with a webby bang in blond (but beyond Perfect Cherry Blossom, she has no pigtail in some other works). Depending on different works, the hair length also varies from semi-short to long.
She wears apron in black mixed with white, and a black triangular hat with ribbon (a wizard’s hat, the top of the hat is pointy like a cone with wide brim). She even carries a broom and dresses herself really like a magician. It seems that Marisa chose them deliberately with the mind to be "a real magician". Her pants is a long bloomer

Basically the costumes are shared among all works, but the design and the color are slightly different from work to work. There are many variations in her costumes, for instance, in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Marisa is dressed in black with a white apron while she often wears white blouse and salopette skirt with a white apron in most of works after Perfect Cherry Blossom. She hides a variety of accessories in the hat and skirt. In Chireiden, Shinkirou, Shinpiroku, Kanjuden, her dress is tinged with blue. And in Seirensen ,Marisa is wearing a light brown apron with a "M" shape design. Moreover, in Hidden Star in Four Seasons, as a outfit for winter, Marisa often wears additionally pink muffler and pink gloves with snow pattern on it.

Overall, the tone of color is black and white, but it is also emphasized in Gensokyo Chronicle that Marisa was dressed in all black, with black clothes and black hat. And in Koumakyou, she was wearing the perfume Patchouli. Besides, she was called in the black by Yuyuko in Youyoumu, by Youmu and Suika in Suimusou, and by Youmu in Eiyashou. Yuyuko even called her Black Demon.

It is unclear how old she actually is, but her appearance should reveal the age since she is a human after all. Considered as a teenager in her early 10s, Marisa could fall into the "a little bit short" group, which means she is almost as tall as Youmu and Patchoul, yet shorter than Reimu and Alice. However, according to the comparative table of characters by ZUN, Marisa is taller than Youmu and Patchoul.


C85 おしらせ

Abiding by the fate of a magician, Marisa isolates herself from other people. Although she possesses quick wits, she normally doesn't make use of it to her benefit (from Koumakyou Manual).

One of the reasons she stays in the forest is because no one bothers to go there. She doesn't want to be disturbed while she's doing research, and when she wants to meet others she could always go there herself. She's like a send-only cell phone. However, she causes disturbances at other places, wherever she goes (Suimusou, Shanghai Alice Correspondence]). Marisa is a magician girl who lives alone in the Kirisame Magic Shop in Forest of Magic.

Marisa is competitive and twisted, but seems to be adored by weirdos even though she is annoying wherever she goes. In Hisoutensoku, after losing to Cirno, she lied that she was looking for Underground Geyser, and said "it must be too hot for her", "look at you". From this, it would not be hard to understand how twisted she is. However, Marisa seems to be straightforward deep inside, despite the fact that she really has a bad personality.

Marisa is obsessed with power and happy to show it off with confidence, but it does come from the unremitting "efforts" which have not been shown to anyone. On the other hand, Reimu, a friend of her, who does not believe in the rewards that efforts bring and is hence interested neither in training nor hard work, shows a contrasting personality in many aspects. It seems like that she is trying to catch up with Reimu, who is relatively powerful without training. (Genso Forum 2003.01-06)

Marisa could get along well with youkai as they both use magic, but they do not like her much. Also, she hates and fights with Alice Margatroid like fire and water.

Her family runs a large antique store in Human Village, but Marisa has no contact with Father. It might because they do not deal with magic tools. Additionally, Morichika Rinnosuke, who got trained in the antique store before Marisa was born, has been an acquaintance for Marisa since the time when she could barely remember. Therefore, She is influenced by Morichika Rinnosuke a lot, such as the mental-collection habit and the Star Magic. By the way, she refers to Rinnosuke as Kourin for the name of the shop.

As for her habit of collecting, she believes that collecting is meaningful. In her house (Kirisame Magic Shop) in Forest of Magic, the unorganized magic items looks a little bit like a forest.

In light of endings of various works and books, Marisa often visits Hakurei Shrine, Scarlet Devil Mansion and Kourindou. She seems to think of Kourindou as a comfortable place since childhood, and says that there is nowhere else as comfortable as Kourindou. Reimu once teased that there is almost no option left for Marisa to choose for residence.

She claims, "If it is not gorgeous then it is not magic. The barrage will be just firepower" (Gumon Shiki), "Ah? Be wise to use barrage? Are you stupid? Barrage is power." (Gumon Shiki). These can also be seen in her representative Spell Card, Master Spar.

Marisa loves the barrage game and has passion for research. She has even finished her own book finally.
In the manga version, she often use her wisdom.

She plays a role as stopper in the negotiation, with words rather than violence, to stop Reimu and prevent the situation from getting worse.
It is believed that she is the only one who can stop Reimu.

Examples are quite a lot:

  • In Touhou Bougetsushou, realizing that she cannot win by violence considering the overwhelming power gap and leaving aside the vampire in high spirit and the unsatisfied partner, Marisa proposed to fight with barrage and had Watatsuki no Yorihime accept it.
  • In Suzunaan, Marisa determined that Kosuzu Motoori, who went missing during a Typhoon, was abducted and started searching with her partner. Along with her partner who uses Spirit Possession, Marisa walked with sigh and searched the evidence(the marks from tengu’s geta, black feathers), yet took her partner back to the Human Village after broke into the tensions between Shameimaru Aya and Reimu (Marisa marched down the hill with Reimu, who were not able to understand it even having witnessed the tengu, she has also talked to Kosuzu Motoori appropriately ).
  • Also in Suzunaan, when Kosuzu lost her shoes, Marisa got rid of them quietly without being noticed by Reimu and others (at this time, she made use of the information from the books which she read before to solve the problem).
Also, she can stop Reimu, who said that the fox came out within the minimum chaos.

And she dares not to tell about the cat figurine, which as rat repellent, from the medicine dealer, because the partner holds doubt.

Speech Tone

In Japanese Marisa uses the first person pronoun I (私 or わたし, watashi), and adds ~ze, ~da, ~yo, or ~Ka? at the ending. Sometimes she will also in a feminine and courteous tone.

Remilia Scarlet: "Do you know how many breads you have ever eaten?"

Marisa: "13 pieces, I prefer to Japanese food." (from The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil before Stage 6 Bossbattle)


Magic Broom


It is a broom to ride in the sky, but Marisa seems to be able to fly even without the broom. And It is a bamboo broom in light of Perfect Memento in Strict Sense. As a magic medium of Marisa for long, the broom became to grow and leaf out, despite the fact that it was merely an ordinary broom.



The Mini-Hakkero, Marisa's treasured item, is a small furnace fueled by magic power, which could set out a fire like the low flame to simmer overnight, or like the incredible firepower to burn down the whole mountain. Additionally, it is possible to cool off in summer, by blowing wind from a corner of it, and also could be used as amulet, lucky prayer, air cleaning and so on.
In the first place, the Mini-Hakkero was a magic item made by Rinnosuke out of care when Marisa was cut out from her family and began to live in Forest of Magic all by herself. Then Rinnosuke himself remade it into a Hihi'irokane, which is not only anti-rust but also stable in material in all conditions.

Usually Marisa will hide it in her skirt (Kourindo), or in her hat (Bougetsushou).
She also cast spell in this Mini-Hakkero to use Master Spark, instead of out of her own hands. If looking closely at the pixel art of Suimusou and Hisouten, we could get a better understanding of it. By the way, it was not an option for Marisa to use until Fuujinroku.

Performance in the Games

With a narrow attack-range and fast speed (difficult in fine-tuning), throughout all works, the character of Marisa has better performance for senior even than Reimu, who is a playable character as well. And Marisa would create barrage with laser or bullet in shape of star (five-pointed star), when she appears as an enemy’s boss. In Kourindo, it is said that Marisa was not able to use the Star Magic until 4-5 years ago when she made the"meteor shower party"as an annual routine with Rinnosuke and Reimu (to enjoy the meteor rain and make wishes to them in Kourindo).

Spell Cards

The most of Spell Cards are classified as either Star Barrage or Laser Attack. But currently Magic Waste "Deep Ecological Bomb" (魔廃"ディープエコロジカルボム", Mahai "Diipu Ekorojikaru Bomu") is (neither Star Barrage nor laser Attack even if it should throw a bottle like a bomb), as well as some Spell Cards from one part of Fairy Wars. The typical laser system is Master Spark and its derivatives. Also, terms related to universe are often used in Star Barrage.


  • Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"
  • Love Sign "Master Spark"


  • Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"
  • Magic Sign "Milky Way"
  • Love Sign "Master Spark"
  • Love Sign "Non-Directional Laser"


  • Love Sign "Master Spark"
  • Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"
  • Astrologic Sign "Orreries Sun"
  • Magicannon "Final Spark"
  • Comet "Blazing Star"
  • Celestial Apparatus "Orreries Solar System"
  • First Card "Stardust Reverie"
  • Second Card "Asteroid Belt"
  • Third Card "Master Spark"
  • Star Sign "Dragon Meteor"


  • Magic Sign "Milky Way"
  • Magic Space "Asteroid Belt"
  • Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"
  • Black Magic "Event Horizon"
  • Love Sign "Non-Directional Laser"
  • Love Storm "Starlight Typhoon"
  • Love Sign "Master Spark"
  • Loving Heart "Double Spark"
  • Light Sign "Earthlight Ray"
  • Light Blast "Shoot the Moon"
  • Magicannon "Final Spark"
  • Magicannon "Final Master Spark"
  • Blazing Star


  • Magic Sign "Stardust"
  • Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"
  • Magic Sign "Illusion Star"


  • Love Sign "Master Spark"
  • Magicannon "Final Spark"
  • Star Sign "Dragon Meteor"
  • Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"
  • Star Sign "Escape Velocity"
  • Comet "Blazing Star"
  • Star Sign "Meteonic Shower"
  • Light Sign "Luminous Strike"
  • Astrologic Sign "Orreries Sun"
  • Perverse Love "Easily-Fruitful Master Spark"
  • Star Sign "Polaris Unique"
  • Celestial Apparatus "Orreries Universe"


  • Love Sign "Master Spark"
  • Magic Sign "Ultimate Shortwave"


  • Love Sign "Master Spark"
  • Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"
  • Love Sign "Non-Directional Laser"
  • Magicannon "Final Spark"
  • Comet "Blazing Star"
  • Astrologic Sign "Orreries Sun"
  • Star Sign "Dragon Meteor"
  • Light Sign "Earthlight Ray"
  • Star Sign "Meteonic Shower"
  • Star Sign "Escape Velocity"
  • Light Sign "Luminous Strike"
  • Perverse Love "Easily-Fruitful Master Spark"
  • Star Sign "Gravity Beat"
  • Magic Waste "Deep Ecological Bomb"
  • Star Sign "Eccentric Asteroid"
  • Light Flow "Shooting Echo"
  • Magic Sign "Magical R360"

Double Spoiler

  • Star Sign"Oort Cloud"
  • Celestial Apparatus"Orreries Solar System"
  • Comet"Blazing Star"

Fairy Wars

  • Light Sign "Mysterious Beam"
  • Light Blast "Shoot the Little Moon"
  • Magic Bullet "Test Slave"
  • Closure Sign "Big Crunch"
  • Love Sign "Master Spark-like Flashlight"
  • Unsealed Magic "Open Universe"
  • Magic Cross "Grand Cross"
  • Shooting Star "Super Perseid"
  • Blazing Star-like Tag
  • Fairy Destruction Ray


  • Love Sign "Master Spark"


  • Love Sign "Master Spark"
  • Comet "Blazing Star"
  • Star Sign "Satellite Illusion"
  • Sungrazer
  • Star Sign "Millisecond Pulsar"
  • Magic Sign "Blaze Away"


  • Bewitched Weapon "Dark Spark"
  • Magic Absorber

Impossible Spell Card

  • Love Sign "Wide Master"
  • Love Sign "Machine Gun Spark"



  • Love Sign "Master Spark"


  • Love Sign "Master Spark Frozen"

PC-98 version Overview

In order to be distinguished from Maris after the modern version, Marisa from old works or the misspelled Mar-isa are used to refer to Marisa from PC-98 version.


In Fuumaroku, Marisa has red hair with pointy ears, her hair also has a three-strand braid which is not tied up in the game. From Yumejikuu, it became blonde as it is now, but was not in three-strand braid. Different from the modern version, dressed in black and white, Marisa from PC-98 Version is wearing clothes decorated with purple accessories overall (she dressed only in black in Kaikidan). Also, Marisa is wearing long sleeves in Fuumaroku and Yumejikuu, while short sleeves in Gensokyo and Kaikidan. Moreover, in Fuumaroku and Yumejikuu, she has a hat with a pendant in shape of crescent moon. Furthermore, Marisa wears a cloak in the ending of Fuumaroku.


Marisa’s first appearance was the Stage 4 Boss in Fuumaroku, as a stranded until the Mima comes back to life completely. Then she became one of the playable character in the next work Yumejikuu, and from the next work Gensoukyou, Marisa was placed as the role of another Protagonist. In light of the text, she is intelligent and powerful, and obsessed with strong power. Marisa admires Mima and call her "Lord Mima" with respect. She seems to be as old as Reimu, but has a different principles of behavior. Although Marisa is written as Mari-sa in Fuumaroku Stage 4, in BADEND, MUSIC MODE, Attached Text, trial version, the names are all written as "Marisa". Therefore, it is highly possible a typo error.

Tone of Speech

Apart from the tone in the ending of Fantasy Land which is the same with the one in modern version, she talks in a female tone. In Fuumaroku Stage 4, she was laughing like "kyaaa", calling herself Atai, while in Fuumaroku trial version of Yumejikuu and Fantasy Land, she laughed like "ufufu".



It consists of 4 balls respectively in red, blue, green and purple, which are used when enemies come out in Fuumaroku and Gensokyo. It was also used by Mima in Fuumaroku. Each of them looks like a different religious mark.


Marisa rode it in Fuumaroku and Gensokyo when she appeared as an enemy. The Vine can also be found in the modern version and it seems to be currently at Marisa’s home.


Marisa got it after the victory against Yumemi Okazaki in Yumejikuu. The original idea came from the ICBM, which appeared in the manga "Don't Leave Me Alone, Daisy" by Noriko Nagano.

Performance in the Games

Marisa can be a player character in 3 works: Yumejikuu, Gensoukyou, Kaikidan. Overall, she is capable of strong attack even with a narrow attack range. According to the text, it is "random power" (Yumejikuu), "can easily bring down even the boss" (laser equipment in Gensokyo) and "an attack power at the highest level" (Kaikidan). Although the speed is high, the impression of a speed character is not so strong because Mima is faster.

Seihou Project Overview

Although it is unknown whether Seihou Project and Touhou share the same setting or not, according to the setting of Seihou Project, it is said that "Marisa is obsessed with power and showing it off with confidence, always looking for someone to fight with, and being picky to people playing with", "Marisa always bullies Reimuout of jealousy, who is powerful only by talent. But actually she is so close to Reimu that she could not even live without Reimu" and "Marisa got always involved with something strange, but it seems that herself should be responsible for the half of them" (text of Reimu). As for her speech tone, other than not adding ~daze at the end of sentence, the tone is overall similar to the one in modern version.


On April 30, 2015, when the Touhou Arrangement was collected into the music game Bemani series from Konami, Marisa appeared as an appearance as an additional character in pop'n music's Lapistoria, along with Reimu.
The song in charge (each of the 2 songs below is possible) can be played even being removed from the playlist, and is compatible with Caradeco, Bloom Nobly, Ink-black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life. However, Yuyuko Saigyouji can be found in the disc jacket. Another title song, History of the Moon, was added on May 14. Additionally , Eirin Yagokoro can also be found in the disc jacket.

Furthermore, for characters of pop'n, there should be a birthday or celebration day, but it seems like there is no celebration day for Reimu and Marisa, as their birthday columns show "-".

Marisa was initially a hidden character, but in the next work Pop'n Music éclale, she could be played unconditionally from the beginning even in unsatisfied conditions.

Lines from Battles in Pop'n

Attackbarrage is power
GOOD PlayIt feels good
BAD playHmm
WINI won!

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