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Sion Eltnam Atlasia

Sion Eltnam Atlasia (シオン・エルトナム・アトラシア) is a character appearing in the Melty Blood series of fighting games released by Type-Moon.

The new emotions that were born in me certainly lowered the performance of Sion Eltnam.
But instead, I have a new future. A dream of a hopeful ending that you cannot have.


BirthdayJune 1
Three SizesB86/W55/H83
Blood TypeType O
Natural EnemyHisui (As listed in Tsukihime Material I)
CV (JPN)Rio Natsuki (Melty Blood, Carnival Phantasm) / Satomi Akesaka (Under Night In-Birth)

Sion Eltnam Atlasia (シオン・エルトナム・アトラシア, Shion Erutonamu Atorashia) is one of the main characters of Melty Blood. She is an alchemist girl who came to Japan from Atlas Institute in pursuit of Night of Wallachia.


Three years ago, she failed to defeat Night of Wallachia in a joint front against the Holy Church. In doing so, she lost her friend Riesbyfe Stridberg, and she herself was transformed into a half-dead vampire (Dead Apostle) when she was absorbed by the TATARI. She was able to avoid becoming a full-blown vampire because the TATARI is a phenomenon, an entity that repeats itself.

Since then, in order to avenge her friend's death and to make amends for her own misdeeds and return to human life, she has been pursuing Night of Wallachia on her own, breaking the precepts of the Atlas Institute. In the town of Misaki, she senses the presence of the TATARI phenomenon and meets Shiki Tohno, who is also pursuing the mystery of the mysterious phenomenon, and they form a joint front.


Her personal color is consistent with purple, such as her eyes, her long purple hair that is tied into a single braid, cap, and her overshirt that focuses on ease of movement, like a military uniform or a boy scout uniform. She also wears a white miniskirt and purple knee socks, a rarity among the Melly Blood women, who often wear long skirts.
In fact, she is seen as one of the most stylish of the Melly Blood women. To contrast the purple she wears yellow on some parts of her outfit, a scarf tied in a manner reminiscent of a cravat, bracelets on the wrists, Atlas emblems as well as the tie she uses for her hair. While she has a light skin tone it can become even paler if she let's herself to fully become a vampire.

She also wears a purple bikini in Carnival Phantasm and in Takashi Takeuchi has her in a red dress and knee socks.


Aforementioned red dress


Her character is earnest and thoroughly rationalistic, and she takes action based solely on the "solutions" she has calculated and believed in. At first glance, she may seem cold to others, but she is a pure girl with a very kind heart, and she also has a "fierceness" that will go straight ahead if she puts her mind to it. Her rationality may be largely the result of her long stay at Atlas.

While she is grateful to Shiki as her benefactor and feels friendship with him, she also seems to be unconsciously aware of him as a member of the opposite sex.
Unlike the other heroines, who routinely clash with each other and fight over Shiki whenever they meet, she is in a unique position to get along well with all the other heroines. She is especially good friends with Akiha Tohno.

She also forms a Back Alley Alliance with Satsuki Yumizuka, and they are friends and guardians of the back alleys of Misaki.
Neko-Arc calls her Egyptian Kneesocks, but Sion hates this name.

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