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TYPE-MOON is a doujin circle established in 1999. It was previously known as "Notes Co., Ltd", an adult game company.
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Established as a doujin group in 1999 in order to develop Tsukihime, the founding members were Takeshi Takeuchi, Kinoko Nasu, Seibee, and Kate. During the development of Tsukihime, OKSG joined the group.

After several trial releases and a demo called "Tsukihime Half-Moon Edition", the full version was finally released on December 2000. Due to the amount of praises the game has received from many, TYPE-MOON has established itself as one of the most famous doujin circle in the 2000s.

Following Tsukihime's success, TYPE-MOON released Tsukihime Plus Disc on January 2001 and later a fan disk called Kagetsu Tohya on August 2001. TYPE-MOON then collaborated with Watanabe Productions (later known as French Bread)to develop Melty Blood, a fighting game that uses characters from the Tsukihime series. It was around this time Koyama Hirokazu (Mahou Yoru no Tsukai character designer) joined TYPE-MOON as the second illustrator for the group.


TYPE-MOON transitioned from a doujin group to a commercial organization, establishing itself as a game company to produce high quality visual novels. On 30 January 2004, Fate/stay night was released as its first commercial game, a visual novel which became so popular it received an anime adaption, a sequel called Fate/hollow ataraxia, and a Playstaion 2 release.

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  • MELTY BLOOD ReACT Final Tuned (PC)
  • MELTY BLOOD: Act Cadenza Version A (Arcade, PS2)
  • MELTY BLOOD: Act Cadenza Version B (Arcade, PC)
  • MELTY BLOOD: Actress Again (Arcade, PS2)
  • MELTY BLOOD: Actress Again Current Code (Arcade, PC)

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