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Charlotte (シャーロット) is a feminine name in European countries.


Charlotte (シャーロット, Shārotto) is a personal name found in German-speaking countries. The origin of Charlotte is the feminine form of the masculine name Charles, which was changed to the feminine form in French. The French meaning of the name includes the nuance of free man or petite.

Other names of the same origin include Carlotta, and nicknames such as Lolotte and Lottie, as well as the shortened form Lotte.



  • Charlotte Corday → A young girl of noble birth who lived during the French Revolution. She murdered Marat and caused chaos.
  • Charlotte Kate Fox → American actress
  • Charlotte → Former racehorse and current holder of the record for the longest life span of a Thoroughbred horse; as of May 2019, he had reached the astounding age of 40 years.


Similar Names

Names like that are like Charlotte due to them being written the same in Japanese.


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