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Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika, lit."Magical Girl Madoka of the Mage") is an original Magical Girl anime produced by Shaft and Aniplex.
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The anime series is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, written by Gen Urobuchi and original character designs were made by Ume Aoki.

The first ten episodes were aired in Japan on the MBS and TBS TV channels between January 6, 2011 and March 10, 2011, and were also distributed online at NicoNicoDouga, AnimeOne, and Showtime. The last two episodes were delayed until April 21, 2011 due to the 2011 Touhoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

Madoka Magica became highly popular as it was airing, which prompted fans to give nicknames such as "Madocchi", "MaMaMa" (Mahou Madoka Magica), and "Madomagi". However, despite using the magical girl genre, due to the show's unusual violence, "Chidamari Sketch" is ironically the most appropriate nickname given by the fans for this show.

A theatrical release was recently confirmed. On November 25th, A secret project is announced for the series, which it is later revealed to be an online browser game project



Having a beloved family, good friends, laughter and tears - these things make up an ordinary life seen everywhere. Madoka Kaname, a second grade student of Mitakihara City Middle School, lives that very life just like everyone else.

One day, Madoka experienced a very mysterious encounter.

It is unbeknownst to her whether this encounter was just a mere coincidence, or an inevitable one.

It was an encounter that will change Madoka's fate forever.

An encounter that will be the start of a new magical girl story.

(Transcript taken from the official website)

Production History

Puella Magi Madoka Magica began development after Akiyuki Shinbo expressed his desire to work on a new magical girl series to producer Atsuhiro Iwakami while they were working on Hidamari Sketch and Bakemonogatari. During its early planning stage, Iwakami decided not to adapt an existing work in order to give Shinbo more freedom in his direction style. He then contacted Gen Urobuchi to work on the project as scriptwriter and Ume Aoki as character designer. Gekidan InuCurry, the animation team duo often working with Shaft has been assigned to design the witches and it's world setting.

The anime was announced in a commercial slot during the anime series Togainu no Chi. Since then, more commercials have been shown in the same slot revealing the characters and cast. During the pre-broadcast period, Madoka Magica managed to capture the audience's heart with its "cute magical girl anime" image, however this soon changed after episode 3 was aired, shocking most of its audience and starting the whole craze since then.

While maintaining its cute image throughout the anime after episode 3, the story gradually turned darker, creating a unique impression which is rarely seen in the magical girl genre. It is also the most frequently discussed anime in forums and *chan boards, having discussion threads surpassing any winter season anime airing alongside Madoka Magica at that time.

Although the broadcast was postponed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, all 12 episodes were eventually broadcast. The ending, which was full of hope, but also felt a sense of sadness, caused a great sensation. The meaningful final scene and other aspects of the production have also led to various discussions after the broadcast, and many related books and articles have been published that critique and attempt to read and understand the story.

Following the TV animation series, a trilogy of theatrical versions of the series was released in 2012-2013.

After the release of the new film version, Rebellion, the discussion of the viewers became even more active.

In addition to the anime series and the theatre version, such popularity has led to the development of derivative works such as novels, manga versions, video games (including the spin-off series "Magia Record") and musical theatre productions.

In 2021, the decade anniversary of the series, it was announced that a new film, "Walpurgisnacht: Rising", would be produced.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Junko Kaname(CV:Yuuko Gotou

Tomohisa Kaname(CV: Tetsuya Iwanaga

Tatsuya Kaname(CV:Kaori Mizuhashi

Hitomi Shizuki(CV:Ryouko Shintani

Kyousuke Kamijou(CV:Seiko Yoshida

Kazuko Saotome(CV:Junko Iwao


Main Article: Witch (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Witches are enemies of the Puella Magi which appear in the anime and are evil entities that resides in special areas called barriers that only Puella Magi and those with magical potential can enter. When left alone, Witches can affect humans in the real world by giving them marks known as 'Witch's Kisses' (in Japanese 魔女の口づけ Majo no Kuchizuke), which cause negative effects including accidents, diseases or commit suicide. Witches often spawn lesser, inferior versions of themselves called Familiars that can mature into new Witches if left alone. The most powerful Witch is called Walpurgisnacht (ワルプルギスの夜 Waruparugisu no Yoru). The worlds in which the Witches reside in their barriers are a stark departure from the normal world.

Each Witch is rooted in surrealism, and demonstrate themes and animation style reminiscent of the work of Jan Lenica.

Below is a list of Witches that appeared throughout the show. Another list with more information about the Witches can be seen here. However, it is interesting to note that each Witch's appearance is named in their specific rune language, which the fans named it Madoka Runes

NameProfile, Duty and NatureAppearance
GertrudRose garden witch; Nature : InsincereEpisode 2
AnthonyRose garden witch's minion; Duty : LandscapingEpisode 1
AdelbertRose garden witch's minion; Duty : Lookout/Alert.Episode 2
CharlotteDessert witch; Nature : Tenacity。Episode 3
PyotrDessert witch's minion; Duty : Searching for cheeseEpisode 3
SuleikaDark witch; Nature : DelusionalNone
UllaDark witch's minion; Duty : DreamingEpisode 3
H.N.Elly(Kirsten)Box witch; Nature : CovetousEpisode 4
Daniyyel & JenniferBox witch's minions; Duty : TransportationEpisode 4
AlbertineScribbling witch; Nature : IgnoranceNot seen
AnjaScribbling witch's minions; Duty : NaïvetyEpisode 5
GiselaSilver witch; Nature : LiberalEpisode 7
DoraSilver witch's minions; Duty : Declaring opinionsEpisode 7
ElsamariaShadow witch; Nature : Self-righteousnessEpisode 7
Sebastian'sShdow witch's minon; Duty : Blind beliefEpisode 7
UhrmannCanine witch; Nature : CravingNone
BartelsCanine witch's minions; Duty : Interior designEpisode 8
Oktavia von SeckendorffMermaid witch; Nature : Falling in loveEpisode 9
HolgerMermaid witch's minion; Duty : PerformingEpisode 9
KlarissaMermaid witch's minion; Duty : Backup dancer Episode 10
IzabelArtist witch; Nature : VanityEpisode 10
MichaelaArtist witch's minion; Duty : ArtworksEpisode 10
PatriciaClass representative witch; Nature : OnlookerEpisode 10
MathieuClass representative witch's minion; Duty : ClassmateEpisode 10
Kriemhild GretchenWitch of salvation; Nature : Mercy Episode 10
RobertaBirdcage witch; Nature : RageEpisode 10
GotzBirdcage witch's minions; Duty : Acting with frivolous indiscretionEpisode 10
?????(Walpurgisnacht)Witch of stage settings; Nature : HelplessnessEpisode 1, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12
?????Minions of the witch of stage settings; Duty : Being clownsEpisode 12
CandeloroDress-up witch; Nature: InvitationPuella Magi Madoka Magica Portable
OpheliaWarrior girl witch; Nature: DespairPuella Magi Madoka Magica Portable
HomulillyWitch of existence; Nature: Hidden virtuePuella Magi Madoka Magica Portable
QuitterieNeedle witch; Nature: RespectPuella Magi Madoka Magica Portable
ItzliWitch of oblivion; Nature: RevengePuella Magi Madoka Magica Portable

Image Analysis

Given the fact that Madoka Magica's story is original and not adapted from any existing work, the actual main attraction was the unusual trio in the Magica Quatret group : Akiyuki Shinbo, Ume Aoki and Gen Urobuchi. Its theme is also an antithesis to the magical girl genre itself- a magical girl story that does not use the usual elements.

Usual ElementsPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Main characterUsually becomes a magical girl right from the start. Works harder than anyone else even though holding a high magical potential. Does not become a magical girl right from the start, has never shown any fighting capabilities but holds magical powers beyond human comprehension.
Mascot CharacterA cute partner that gives support to magical girlsCute on the outside, has a heart of an evil being with zero emphathy.
Death/InjuriesDeath or Injury is not entirely shownDeath of a main character on the third episode, blood and violence shown in subsequent episodes
StoryA heartful story that captures the cute image of magical girls, has no serious consequences even if the story contain slight serious elements in it.Story gets progressively darker and bloodier to the point there are elements of a dark side behind a magical girl's role.

Previously it was not known that Gen Urobuchi would be the scriptwriter for this anime. Hence to most fans, the initial image of the show was thought to be a camouflage for a dark-themed one. However, when the credit list began to leak out on the net, people started predicting that the show might not be what it was meant to be due to Gen Urobuchi being famous for his gruesome stories, particularly Song of Saya.

Due of the nature of this anime series, the usage of reality-denying tags including "WTF", "Why this didn't happen", and "Just make this canon already" became prominent recently.

Interestingly, the popularity of the show also prompted the production staff to restrict information that are usually allowed to be published on anime magazines, making fans to create never ending speculations about the show itself.

Episode Titles

(List borrowed from Anime News Network - The translation is assumed official until the series is licensed in the USA)

Episode NumberSubtitlesOriginal JapaneseQuote by
Episode 1As If We Met In A Dream...夢の中で逢った、ような・・・・・Madoka Kaname
Episode 2That Would Be So Wonderfulそれはとっても嬉しいなってMadoka Kaname
Episode 3I'm Not Afraid Anymoreもう何も恐くないMami Tomoe
Episode 4Miracles And Magic Exist奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよSayaka Miki
Episode 5There's No Way I'd Have Regrets後悔なんて、あるわけないSayaka Miki
Episode 6This Just Isn't Rightこんなの絶対おかしいよMadoka Kaname
Episode 7Can you Face Your True Feelings?本当の気持ちと向き合えますか?Hitomi Shizuki
Episode 8I'm Such A Foolあたしって、ほんとバカSayaka Miki
Episode 9That, I Will Not Allowそんなの、あたしが許さないKyouko Sakura
Episode 10I Won't Depend On Anyone Anymoreもう誰にも頼らないHomura Akemi
Episode 11The Final Signpost Left最後に残った道しるべHomura Akemi
Episode 12My Best Friendわたしの、最高の友達Madoka Kaname

Theme Songs

Opening Theme:

"Connect (コネクト)" by ClariS

Ending Theme:

"Magia" by Kalafina

"Connect (コネクト)" by ClariS (ep 12)

Insert song:

"Ave Maria" by Bach/Gounod (ep 5)

"Magia" by Kalafina (ep 1, 10)

Blu-Ray Only

Episode 1, 2 Ending Theme … 「Mata Ashita」(lit. See You Tomorrow)

Composed, Lyrics by hanawaya

Arranged by 田口智則

Vocals - Madoka Kaname (Aoi Yuuki)

Episode 9 Ending Theme … 「and I'm home」

Composed, Arranged, Lyrics by wowaka

Vocals - Sayaka Miki (Eri Kitamura)・Kyouko Sakura (Ai Nonaka)

Puella Magi Madoka Magika Theatrical Version

On November 8, 2011, the December issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Newtype magazine announced the launch of a theatrical film project for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The announcement itself has created a huge reaction from both Japan and International fanbase.

According to that magazine, the movie will be divided into 3 sections: The first and second movies will be a retelling of the story, and the final movie will continue from the story's ending. The movie is officially announced to air at theaters on Oct 6 for the first movie (Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Beginnings), and Oct 13 (Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Eternal) for the second movie.

The title of the third movie "The Rebellion Story/Rebellion" was released in November 2013 with a completely new story by Gen Urobuchi.

Theatrical Version Theme Song

Beginnings & Eternal

Opening theme: "Luminous (ルミナス)" by ClariS

Ending theme 1: "Magia -Quattro-" by Kalafina (Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Beginnings)

Ending theme 2: "Connect -Orchestra ver.- (short EDIT) )(コネクト -Orchestra ver.- (short EDIT))" by ClariS

Ending theme 3: "Hikarufuru (ひかりふる)" by Kalafina

Insert song 1: "Mirai (未来)" by Kalafina

Vocal version of Credents justitiam

Used in Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Beginnings

Insert song 2: "Connect (コネクト)" by ClariS

Used in Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Eternal


Opening Theme: "Colorful (カラフル)" by ClariS

Ending Theme: "Kimi no Gin no Niwa (君の銀の庭, 'Your Silver Garden')" by Kalafina

Other Media


Houbunsha has published several manga series based on the anime series, as well as several spin-off side story series.

  • A direct adaptation of Madoka Magica illustrated by Hanokage has published in three volumes, each containing four chapters.

  • Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice (in Japanese: 魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ〜The innocent malice〜 Mahō Shōjo Kazumi Magika: The Innocent Malice), a side story mange written by Masaki Hiramatsu and illustrated by Takashi Tensugi began serialization in Manga Time Kirara Forward magazine from January 24, 2011, focusing on a different set of characters.

  • Puella Magi Oriko Magica (in Japanese: 魔法少女おりこ☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Oriko Magika), a manga written by Kuroe Mura that serves as a second spin off from the anime series and was released in two tankōbon volumes, the first on May 12, 2011 and the second on June 12, 2011.

  • Puella Magi Suzune Magica (in Japanese: 魔法少女すずね☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Suzune Magika) written by GAN is the third spin-off manga series, with a total of three tankōbon volumes. The theme of this work is "to question the good and evil of magical girls themselves".

  • Puella Magi Tart Magica (in Japanese: 魔法少女たると☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Taruto Magika), written by Kawazu-ku and Masugitsune, is the fourth spin-off manga work. 5 volumes. It was serialized in the magazine from December 2013 to February 2017.

At a later time, manga adaptations of the theatrical version were also published.

"Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Majuu-hen" (in Japanese: 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 魔獣編 Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika: Majuu-hen) was also published as a complementary story between the " eternal " and " rebellion " arcs of the film version.


A novelised version, written by Hajime Ninomae and illustrated by Yuupon, was published on 14 August 2011. Two volumes in total. Supervised by scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi.

In 2021, the spin-off novel "Null - Magical Girl" (in Japanese: 非(ナル)–魔法少女 Naru Mahō Shōjo) by science fiction author Gengen Kusano was published. The novel was serialised in the magazine " Puella Magi Madoka Magica 10th Anniversary Book", published to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the series.

Video games

On 15 March 2012, "Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable" was released for PlayStation Portable, co-developed by Bandai Namco Games and Nitroplus.

On 19 December 2013, "Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: The Battle Pentagram" was released for PlayStation Vita.

In 2017, the smartphone game "Magia Record" was released. The title was developed into a series of franchises and a TV anime consisting of three seasons was broadcast.

In addition to this, Magia Record was also staged as a musical play.

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