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Cure Happy

Cure Happy (Tag name: キュアハッピー) is main PreCure, first appeared in Smile PreCure!

Twinkling, shining, light of the future! Cure Happy!


The 24th PreCure of the whole franchise, Cure Happy is the alter-ego of Miyuki Hoshizora after she transforms into a PreCure. As Cure Happy, her dark magenta hair becomes lighter in shade and her pigtails grow longer, and her theme color is magenta. She can manipulate light energy in this form.

Costume Design

Her main costume color is pink, with white feather motif headband, long length skirt, with leggings, and long boots.


PreCure Happy Shower


Cure Happy's basic finishing attack. Cure Happy first charges up her Smile Pact with fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. Cure Happy then uses both hands to draw a large pink heart in front of her, and concentrates the energy into a smaller heart. She then grabs the small heart with both hands, spins around and projects the energy at the enemy.

Due to her charging up pose before she uses the move, fans have noted the move to be similar to Moe Moe Kyun.


Her transformation scene has been compared to Vearn's standby pose. See:天地魔闘の構え for more details.

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