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Dori (Genshin Impact)

Dori Sangemah Bay is a playable Electro character in Genshin Impact.


Rarity4 Star
Constel­lationMagicae Lucerna
BirthdayDecember 21st
Height4'6" / 138cm
Special DishShow Me the Mora
How to obtainWishes
AffiliationSumeru, The Palace of Alcazarzaray
Release DateSeptember 09, 2022
CVAnjali Kunapaneni (EN), Kaneda Tomoko 金田朋子 (JP)


Dori Sangemah Bay is a 4-star playable Claymore Electro character in Genshin Impact.

The owner of The Palace of Alcazarzaray and a merchant of high regard, "Lord Sangemah Bay" is well-known for her ability to obtain anything a person needs, as long as they have enough Mora to afford her jaw-dropping prices.


  • Normal Attack: Marvelous Sword-Dance (Modified)


  1. Normal Attack: Performs up to 3 consecutive strikes.
  2. Charged Attack: Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous spinning attacks against all nearby opponents. At the end of the sequence, performs a more powerful slash.
  3. Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

  • Elemental Skill: Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon
Directs a Spirit-Warding Lamp to fire off Troubleshooter Shots at opponents, dealing Electro DMG.
When Troubleshooter Shots hit opponents, they will create 2 After-Sales Service Rounds that will automatically track opponents and deal Electro DMG.

  • Elemental Burst: Alcazarzaray's Exactitude


Summons forth the Jinni within the lamp to give the client various kinds of aid.
Jinni: Connects to a nearby character. The connected character will:

  1. Continuously restore HP based on Dori's Max HP.
  2. Continuously regenerate Energy.
  3. Be affected by Electro.
When the connector between the Jinni and the character touches opponents, it will deal one instance of Electro DMG to them every 0.4s. Only one Jinni can exist at one time.

  • 1st Ascension Passive: An Eye for Gold
After a character connected to the Jinni triggers an Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Overloaded, Quicken, Aggravate, Hyperbloom, or an Electro Swirl or Crystallize reaction, the CD of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon is decreased by 1s.
This effect can be triggered once every 3s.

  • 4th Ascension Passive: Compound Interest
When the Troubleshooter Shots or After-Sales Service Rounds from Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon hit opponents, Dori will restore 5 Elemental Energy for every 100% Energy Recharge possessed.
Per Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon, only one instance of Energy restoration can be triggered and a maximum of 15 Energy can be restored this way.

  • Utility Passive: Unexpected Order
Has a 25% chance to recover some of the materials used when crafting Character and Weapon Materials.


  • Level 1: Additional Investment

The number of After-Sales Service Rounds created by Troubleshooter Shots is increased by 1.

  • Level 2: Special Franchise
When you are in combat and the Jinni heals the character it is connected to, it will fire a Jinni Toop from that character's position that deals 50% of Dori's ATK DMG.

  • Level 3: Wonders Never Cease
Increases the Level of Alcazarzaray's Exactitude by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

  • Level 4: Discretionary Supplement
The character connected to the Jinni will obtain the following buffs based on their current HP and Energy:
  1. When their HP is lower than 50%, they gain 50% Incoming Healing Bonus.
  2. When their Energy is less than 50%, they gain 30% Energy Recharge.

  • Level 5: Value for Mora
Increases the Level of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

  • Level 6: Sprinkling Weight
Dori gains the following effects for 3s after using Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon:
  1. Electro Infusion.
  2. When Normal Attacks hit opponents, all nearby party members will heal HP equivalent to 4% of Dori's Max HP. This type of healing can occur once every 0.1s.


Dori is a merchant of high regard in Sumeru, considered the most resourceful merchant who's able to acquire quality goods through her mysterious supply chain (which also includes Alice (Genshin Impact)). She is extremely wealthy and highly obsessed with Mora, seeing everyone and everything as a way to make profit. Her obsession with Mora is due to the fact that her older sister had an illness which her family couldn't afford at the time. She uses her appearance and words to sway customers into buying her goods despite her jaw-dropping prices.


Willing to make Mora off just about anything, Dori also partakes in the black market, which has also caught the Matras' attention. Due to this, she implemented some protocols to vet all potential customers to prevent her, her employees and potential customers from being held liable.

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Character Mentions

The renowned Lord Sangemah Bay is none other than Dori. I became acquainted with her through a previous research project. It had required very rare materials, and the only way I could get them was through her and her mysterious supply network. Uh... never you mind what I was buying and what I was researching, thank you very much!


I ran into her once on forest ranger duty. She pulled out a bottle of fruit juice from her bag that looked really tasty, as if she somehow knew I was thirsty... Fortunately, Master was there, and he stopped me from spending all of my hard-earned Mora in a moment of weakness...


The big-spending merchant Dori has watched me dance before. I remember that she talked with Mr. Zubayr once, and then never came back. Did something happen? ...Huh? She wanted me to go on tour around Teyvat? No way, Mr. Zubayr definitely would've refused for me! ...Ahh, please tell me he has...


Oh... D—Dori... ahem... I took the plunge and bought something from her once. She looked euphoric as I was settling the bill — I think she assumed I was some sort of mega-rich person. Kept relentlessly sending product ads to me in the mail afterwards. Ugh... biggest mistake of my life! I paid such a huge price for it... 'cause not only did I spend all of my scholarship money in one go, but for most of the next year, I had to survive mainly on cheap vegetables, and I couldn't buy textbooks unless they were on sale...

Someone once told me about a mysterious merchant who was selling really effective Sleep Gummies. It cost all my scholarship money, plus all the other Mora I'd saved up, but I bought some. They worked great, and for a while I slept like a baby. But... they're 200 thousand Mora a box... I can't afford that... I—I can't let myself buy them ever again, nope, no way. Not even if they were buy one, get one free, or... well, buy one, get two free, hmm... actually... maybe I'd consider that.

The first thing she said when she saw me was "Nice palace. How much?" Of course, I couldn't possibly sell her the Sanctuary of Surasthana. But still, her question had me stumped. I thought about it long and hard, but I still can't figure out how much Mora it's worth...


She's sharp and always keeps an eye out for herself. She knows how to take life by the reins and make her dreams a reality. I'm not condoning her actions, but just because we stand on different sides doesn't mean that I can't appreciate her attitude towards life.

Paimon: How did a genie that big get into Dori's lamp?
Traveler: (Only/There's only) one way to find out: In you go, Paimon.
Paimon (Genshin Impact): Not a chance! There's no way Paimon would fit in there!
Traveler: Okay, well... if you want, you can be the genie of the Serenitea Pot instead?
Paimon (Genshin Impact): Oooh, great idea! Paimon's down!
Traveler: You seem pretty excited about this...
Paimon (Genshin Impact): Uh, yeah! Paimon's been wanting to try this for ages! ...Poof! Didst thou summon me, O Traveler from a distant land?
Paimon (Genshin Impact): Come on, come on, now you have to grant Paimon three wishes! Paimon's first wish is... bring Paimon lots of delicious food!
Lumine (Genshin Impact): Hey, you're not supposed to be the one making wishes!
Aether (Genshin Impact): Paimon, you're not supposed to be the one making wishes!


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