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Enomoto Takane

Enomoto Takane is a character appearing in the Kagerou Project.

"―――Haruka, I love you."

"I'll doubt it."


NameEnomoto Takane
SongsJinzou Enemy, Ene no Dennou Kikou, Headphone Actor, Yuukei Yesterday
Mekakushidan MemberNo.6
Blood TypeAB
Favorite MoviesThe Godfather 2, A Clockwork Orange


A girl appearing in Jin (Shizen no TekiP)'s novel "Kagerou Days II -a headphone actor-". She is the protagonist of the song "Headphone Actor". Until her name was revealed, she was called "Actorko" and such.

To get right to the point, this is Ene when she was still human.

She wears her black hair in pigtails, and her bangs are cut evenly.

She has a disease (narcolepsy) that causes her to fall asleep regardless of the time and place. She is in a normal high school's special class for students with physical disabilities. Kokonose Haruka is in her grade, and he is also her friend and only classmate.

She is also an upperclassman to Ayano and Shintarou, and is Tateyama Kenjirou's student.

She gets along well with Haruka, and sometimes when he spaces out she counters with a witty tsukkomi or two. In actuality she is attracted to Haruka, but for a long time she seemed unaware of her feelings, and although she gave voice to her feelings at the end...

She is a skilled gamer, and loves an online game called "DEAD BULLET -1989-"; she is a heavy user who is ranked second place in all of Japan.

Within the game she pretends to be a chuunibyou, and calls herself "Ene the Dancing Flash".

The reason why her eyes are so narrow in "Headphone Actor" is because of bags from lack of sleep, and irritation at her classmates and teacher.

Past (Spoilers)

She was poisoned by a third party.

At that time, she was absorbed into "Kagerou Daze". Possessed by the "Me wo Samasu (目を覚ます)" snake, she obtains an immortal mind.

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