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A character from Jin's Kagerou Project.

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NameTateyama Kenjirou (Kenjirou)
MusicDead And Seek
PowerMe ga Saeru (目が冴える)
BirthdaySeptember 11
Blood TypeAB
Favorite StandHierophant Green


Kenjirou is a character appearing in Jin's song Dead And Seek.

Character (Spoilers)

A high school teacher; the hoomroom teacher for Kisaragi Momo's class. In the past, he was the homeroom teacher for Enomoto Takane and Kokonose Haruka. He teaches science.

He is Ayano's father, and also the foster father of Kido, Seto, and Kano.

His usual outfit is a black Y-shirt with red stripes, a white lab coat, and glasses.

He has a very frank personality, but he tries to ignore thinks if he thinks they'll be a bother, is easily manipulated when the Board Chairman is mentioned, and uses up his class's school festival budget to buy rare samples of saltwater fish; his useless-guy act catches one's attention. It also causes Takane to nickname him "The Human Garbage". Generally he is good at taking care of people, and was a good father to his children; he also looks out for Momo in various ways as she can't often attend school due to her job.

Once, he worked with his archaeologist wife Ayaka in researching ancient medusa traditions in order to learn about his foster children's special abilities. However, he was caught up in a landslide with Ayaka and died, and then wandered into "Kagerou Daze". And there, he was granted the "Me wo Saeru (目が冴える)" powers by the snake who governs them, the very same one who suggested to Azami that she create "Kagerou Daze" in the first place; by gaining powers, he was able to escape. But since then, he has been behaving very strangely, believes that his wife is still inside "Kagerou Daze", and declares that he will save her, "even if that means ××ing everyone but you."

He performs a certain experiment using his students Enomoto Takane and Kokonose Haruka, with the end result that the two of them become the inhuman Ene and Konoha. He brings Konoha to live with him, and calls his sister-in-law Hiyori to the city, bringing her and Hibiya to meet Konoha.

As written above, despite being rather hapless, he takes good care of his students as a teacher; but on the other hand, if it's for the sake of his objective he can use those students in his experiments as a cold-hearted scientist; due to his two-faced personality, he is very unpredictable. His daughter Ayano killed herself at age 16, but it is currently unknown what he thinks of her death.

It is currently unknown what his powers are capable of, but in his song, the lyrics say "After a few years doing research, my results were technologically several eras ahead of human evolution", so it is thought that he is a preternaturally skilled scientist (for reference's sake, three eras earlier than the present 21st century was the Edo era, and five eras earlier was the Warring States Period).

He also seems to be a skilled programmer, and even though Haruka was in charge of all the graphics, he was able to complete Takane's shooting game Headphone Actor with no bugs in just one week, while doing his work at the same time.

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