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Kisaragi Shintarou

A character from Jin's Kagerou Project.
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"I'm really sorry... Let me off the hook already... I didn't know that download was illegal..."

"Stop bothering me, get lost!"

"Today, too, I loved you."


NameKisaragi Shintarou (Shintarou)
Mekakushidan MemberNo.7
MusicJinzou Enemy, Toumei Answer, Lost Time Memory
BirthdayApril 30
Blood TypeA
Favorite MangaKamikaze Kaitou Jeanne


SelfOre (オレ)


A young man appearing in Jin's novel "Kagerou Daze -in a daze-".

He has scruffy black hair and narrow eyes that tend to look a little glazed-over. He is Kisaragi Momo's older brother. He does not go to school, and lives life mostly shut up in his room. He is Ene's owner, and seems annoyed with her habit of pestering him every time he turns on his computer.

Out of surprise at one of Ene's pranks, Shintarou winds up breaking his keyboard, and when he ventures outside with Ene to go buy a replacement, he is caught up in a terrorist attack. When Ene and the Mekakushidan members who are present help to solve the case, he meets the Mekakushidan and becomes their seventh member.

Side Notes

His red jersey is something he wears because a friend once told him it looked good on him. During Lost Time Memory, Shintarou himself obtains eye powers.

He appears to own a pet rabbit. (In the manga version, it appears during the scene where Ene plays a siren.)

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Past (Spoiler Warning)

As a child, he was a prodigy with excellent grades, but at the same time, he was very cold because of his perceived superiority. During his first year of high school, he refuses contact with others after Ayano's death, and becomes a hikikomori.

One day Ene appears on his computer, and even though she tells him "If you stay shut up here forever, you'll just stay lonely", he doesn't listen.

In Route XX, he murders Ene and then kills himself by severing his carotid artery with scissors. At the time he is drawn into "Kagerou Daze." (→Lost Time Memory)

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