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Ayano (Kagerou Project)

Ayano is a character from Jin's Kagerou Project. Her full name is Tateyama Ayano.

"But it's so boring that way!"

"Ehehe. I'm not very smart, you see. There's no helping it."

"I'm dead. Sorry."

"This is a secret."


NameTateyama Ayano (Ayano)
Mekakushidan MemberNo.0 (the original captain)
MusicToumei Answer, Lost Time Memory, Ayano no Koufuku Riron
PowerMe wo Kakeru (目をかける)
BirthdayNovember 22
Blood TypeB
Favorite CharacterKakyouin Noriaki


SelfWatashi (私)
Ene (Takane)Takane-san
Konoha (Haruka)Haruka-san


A girl who first appeared in the PV for Toumei Answer, from Jin's first album Mekakucity Days. In the novelization, she first appears in the second volume. Jin's second album Mekakucity Records has her on the cover.

Her personal trademark is the red muffler she always wears. She is bright, cheerful, and always smiling.

She is Kenjirou's daughter, and is in the same grade as Kisaragi Shintarou. Enomoto Takane is her upperclassman, and it seems as though she got along well with Takane.


Before Shintarou became a hikikomori, she sat in the seat next to his, beside the window. She was not very intelligent, and appeared to be a bit jealous of Shintarou's good grades. She assertively made friends with Shintarou, who spent all his days bored because he already knew all the answers.

In the PV, the two of them change uniforms as the seasons change, and it appears that they were in the same class with the same seating arrangement in high school as well as middle school.

Ayano seems to have had lots of friends and no dissatisfaction with her school life, but one day in the summer of her first year in high school, she killed herself by jumping off the roof of the school. She was 16 when she died.

Shintarou once saw her crying in the classroom while no one was there to watch, and realized that this was probably her true self, but he didn't call out to her. When Shintarou lost Ayano, whom he had been opening himself up to bit by bit, he blamed himself for pushing her into suicide because he did not try to understand her true feelings, and became a hikikomori.

In Lost Time Memory her eyes are shown glowing red, and she is thought to have eye powers as well.

In truth, Ayano is member number 0 of the Mekakushidan, making her the first captain.

She was a big-sisterly figure to Kido, Kano, and Seto, who were adopted by the Tateyama family because of their special powers; she spent every day thinking up games that might help them be happy. No matter what she did, she couldn't make them laugh, but what finally made the three of them happily proclaim "It's like we're a secret society!" was pretending to be a hero, wearing a red muffler, which she told them was a "hero's color".

It must have made them very happy, because ever since then, Ayano wore a red muffler every day, playing heroes with the three children. This may have been the beginnings of the Mekakushidan.

But their happy family life began to go awry when their mother Ayaka died in a landslide.

The following includes spoilers from the Mekakucity Records first-print booklet.

Shintarou wasn't even able to guess at the reason for Ayano's suicide, but in Ayano no Koufuku Riron it is easy to guess that her father Kenjirou was the true cause.

After her mother died, Ayano realized that her father was beginning to act strangely. One day, while looking through the things in Kenjirou's room, she realized that her father was researching "Kagerou Daze" and a lady named Azami, and he was trying to use his students Takane and Haruka in some kind of experiment. Knowing this, she says "This will lead to a world where happiness dies".

When she realized the truth, there was no one that Ayano could tell, and she wishes "Please don't destroy anyone else's future". And in order to prevent her beloved family from collapsing, she seeks to obtain eye powers of her own; during her first year of high school, she killed herself in order to enter "Kagerou Daze", which opens to the souls of those who die on August 15.

From some of the lyrics of the song and its theme of "a story that floats into one's gaze", some theorize that she might have the power to see the future. In the Mekakucity Records first-print booklet, her ability is recorded as "Me wo Kakeru (目をかける能力)", which is a special snake that Azami created out of love for her family when Shion was born, but the fine details of what the ability entails are still unknown.

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