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Azami (Kagerou Project)

A character in Jin's Kagerou Project.

"If you wish to escape, girl, then open your eyes."


MusicShinigami Record, Kagerou Daze, Lost Time Memory
BirthdayAugust 15
Blood Type???


A medusa woman whose hair is made of snakes. Each of the snakes have eye powers. She is the mother of Kozakura Shion, and is Kozakura Mari's grandmother.

She gave Ene her powers when Ene was about to disappear.

Because Azami was immortal, she thought of humans as "boring lifeforms that die so easily", but she fell in love and made a family with the boy Tsukihiko, who was the first human to care about her despite his kindred fearing her. Azami's lifespan is much longer than a human's, and fearing that she would be left all alone again, she used her power to create "a neverending world", meaning to live there forever with her family, but...

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When she met Tsukihiko and gave birth to Shion, she created the "Me wo Kakeru (目をかける)" snake, and learned to love. However, because of her love, she began to fear the day that Tsukihiko would die and leave her, and used the power of all her snakes to create "Kagerou Daze". She tries to bring her family there to live with her forever, but right before that they are attacked by humans. Azami comes to think that she brings unhappiness to people just by interacting with humans, and chooses to spend eternity in "Kagerou Daze" alone.

However, when her daughter Shion and granddaughter Marie are murdered by humans, she is unable to stand by and watch such an appalling thing, and brings Marie into "Kagerou Daze". She gives Marie the only snake that is compatible with her, the "Me wo Awaseru (目を合体させる)" snake, in order to give her new life. As a result, Marie is saved, but Shion dies.

Because Azami relinquished the power to govern all the other snakes, she becomes unable to stop "Kagerou Daze" from continuing to carry out the order to "bring in the lives of those who die on August 15, the day Marie was murdered".

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