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Kido is a character appearing in Jin (Shizen no TekiP)'s song "Mekakushi Code". Her full name is "Kido Tsubomi."
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"See, there's the signal. Let's do this cool."

"Not what we hate, but what we like...? Eh... Ka..."

"Eyes fully concealed."



NameKido Tsubomi (Kido)
Mekakushidan MemberNo.1 (Captain)
SongsMekakushi Code
PowerMe wo Kakusu (目を隠す)
BirthdayJanuary 2
Blood TypeB
Favorite MusiciansOasis, Radiohead, Tokumaru Shugo


SelfOre (俺)


The girl who appears in the illustration accompanying Jin (Shizen no TekiP)'s song "Mekakushi Code".

Her nickname "Kido" was revealed during a live broadcast from the official Nico Nico Douga community on April 1, 2012. (Jin posted it on his twitter the previous day.)

She was designed by Shidu.

Captain of the mysterious "Mekakushidan" gang. She wears a hoodie that looks like that infamous music player. She is probably wearing a jersey underneath. The green hair hanging out from underneath her hood leaves an impression. She looks rather masculine, but she is also a fair-skinned and beautiful girl.

She is good at cooking, gets annoyed with Kano when he says that she is unwomanly, likes to change up what conditioner she uses, and apparently owns a few frilly skirts and such (when Kano tells the others this, she punches him). She doesn't like scary things, like haunted houses and gory games. (According to Seto, "Kido tries too hard to put on a cool act".)

She is usually cool and expressionless, but her mood can change very drastically, and especially when Kano is fooling around she'll get angry or embarrassed or annoyed.

Apparently she tends to miss most of her incoming phone calls because she always has earphones in.

In the novels, it's revealed that she calls herself "Ore" (俺), which lends her a more androgynous impression. According to Kano, though, she called herself "Watashi" (私) when she was younger. Also, she has a certain ability that is very important to the story.

She comes from the same orphanage as Seto and Kano.

She appears in the PVs for most songs involving members of the Mekakushidan (Kuusou Forest, Konoha no Sekai Jijou, Kisaragi Attention, Yobanashi Deceive, Lost Time Memory, and Ayano no Koufuku Riron).

When she uses her powers, her eyes change from black to red.

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Past (Spoilers)

She was the second daughter of a wealthy household, but she was her father's illegitimate child with a lover and was fairly distant from the rest of the family. As a young girl, she received regular verbal and emotional abuse and came to wish that she could disappear.

One day, her father's company went bankrupt due to economic changes. Her father set the house on fire, and the whole family was caught up in the fire. As a result, they all burned to death.

At that time, she and her sister were drawn into "Kagerou Daze".

She was possessed by the "Me wo Kakusu (目を隠す)" snake, and gained the ability to hide herself and anyone within a certain distance of herself from the perception of others.

In the third novel, Kido herself explains that when she woke up, all her burn injuries were gone, and that her sister's corpse was never found.

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