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Marie (Kagerou Project)

A character appearing in Jin (Shizen no TekiP)'s "Kagerou Project". Her full name is Kozakura Mari. Her nickname is also Romanized as "Mary" or "Marry".
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"......I'm sure it will work out!!"

"Eek... I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

"No... I don't want to say goodbye...!"


NameKozakura Mari (Marie)
Mekakushidan MemberNo.4
PowerMe wo Awaseru (目を合わせる, 目を合体させる)
MusicKuusou Forest, Gunjou Rain, Marie no Kakuu Sekai
BirthdayJuly 21
WeightAs much as 130 apples
Blood Type???
Favorite AnimeKuroshitsuji
Voice ActressKana Hanazawa


SelfWatashi (私)


The protagonist of Jin (Shizen no TekiP)'s song "Souzou Forest" (Kuusou Forest). She was designed by Wannyanpuu.

A small, doll-like girl who lived in the middle of the forest. She has long white hair tied with a pink ribbon and pale pink eyes, and looks like a character from a fairy tale (she wears a blue and white dress and apron much like Alice from Alice in Wonderland).

She is a quarter medusa, and her mother was half Medusa. Because of this, she was warned by her parents that if she ever looked someone else in the eye she would turn them into stone. Eventually her father met the end of his life, and her mother (Shion) died defending her from humans when she was still very young. Ever since, Marie has lived by herself in the forest without even venturing out of her own house. One day, a boy (Seto) stumbled upon her house, sending Marie into a panic.

When Seto opened the door, Marie tried to warn him that if she looked at him he would turn into stone ("目を合わせないで!(あなたが)石になってしまう!"), but Seto misunderstood her, and said that he used to be so afraid of people that he'd turn into stone just looking into their eyes, but that the world wasn't as scary as he used to think ("僕も目を合わせると、石(みたいに、緊張してガチガチ)になってしまうと怯えてた。でも、世界は案外怯なくていいんだよ"). After that, Marie joins the Mekakushidan, and ventures into the outside world.

The bandages wrapped around her wrist were supposed to be for use as blindfolds in case of emergency, but ever since Seto's visit and learning that she could safely look into people's eyes, Marie dyed them pink (a color she had avoided because of its connection with her eyes) and started using them as hair ribbons.

Because Marie has inherited the blood of medusas, who are normally immortal, her lifespan is many times longer than a human's and her physical development is also much slower. At the time of "Kuusou Forest" she is already about 140 years old. She looks like a young girl, but is the oldest member of the Mekakushidan.

Her hair wiggles and flutters when she gets excited. Apparently, she has no sense of pitch. It has not been reflected in canon yet, but according to the creators she likes BL. When looking at one of Kano's fashion magazines she thought that loose socks (an old Gyaru fad) looked cool, so she seems to have an individual taste in clothing.


When she first joined the Mekakushidan, she rarely went outside, and stayed in the secret hideout, working from home at making fake flowers. Her earnings are very lean, though, and are barely enough to cover a day's worth of meals. Also, as expected, she's very close with Seto. She is so dependent on him that it would be hard to deny if they were mistaken for siblings.

She is quite shy and tends to be described as "incredibly introverted", but once she opens up to people she is very cheerful in front of them. She is very curious, and very enthusiastic towards fun and interesting things. She is also very clumsy. Kano likes to pick on her, perhaps because he enjoys her reactions. Because she has lived alone for decades, she sometimes has trouble keeping up with group activities; Seto and Kido help to look after her whenever she flounders.

Spending fun and vivid days with the Mekakushidan, she begins to wish that she could stay with everyone forever...


As a medusa, Marie has inherited the "Me wo Awaseru (目を合わせる)" power naturally. She can activate it at will, and using it is capable of freezing people in place temporarily after meeting their gaze. This is described as "turning people to stone", but they don't literally turn into stone, and the effect is only temporary.

Her mother Shion could literally turn people into stone statues, but Marie is only a quarter medusa and her powers are not as strong.

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Past (Spoilers)

One day when she was very young, Marie disobeyed Shion and went to play outside. She was found by humans, who tried to kidnap her. Shion, realizing that something was wrong, came to her rescue and tried to turn the humans to stone, but she arrived too late and the two of them were beaten to death.

At that time, they were both brought into "Kagerou Daze", and Azami used the snake that carried the true powers of a medusa, "Me wo Awaseru (目を合体させる)", to revitalize Marie.

As a result, in addition to Marie's innate abilities to freeze people in place temporarily, Marie obtained the true power of a medusa, the ability to control all the snakes' powers.

Through the schemes of the mastermind, Marie is the very person who is trying to turn the real world into Kagerou Daze.

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