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Shion (Kagerou Project)

Shion is a character appearing in the "Kagerou Project". Her full name is Kozakura Shion.

"I'm sorry; I love you."

"I pray that today will be peaceful."


NameKozakura Shion (Shion)
SongsGunjou Rain
BirthdayJune 18
WeightAs much as 150 apples
Blood Type???
Favorite PeopleMom, Marie


Marie's mother; a half-medusa woman. She uses her powers to protect Marie from an attack by humans, but she is unable to withstand the strain and dies. As the above implies, she loves her daughter more than anything, and Marie loves her very much as well.

She is the daughter of Azami and Tsukihiko.

The song Gunjou Rain is a song about her motherly love for Marie.

Spoilers Below

She spent her younger years with Tsukihiko, waiting for Azami--who had hidden in "Kagerou Daze"--to come home.

After Tsukihiko's death, she continues to live in the forest, and eventually marries a human man and gives birth to Marie. But because she knows that Marie will be rejected by humans because of her medusa blood, she decides to continue living in the forest until Marie grows up for safety's sake.

But one day mother and daughter are attacked by humans, and Shion uses her medusa power to "turn objects into stone" to try to save Marie, but her body cannot withstand the stress of using her power so much, and she dies.

Immediately afterward, she is drawn into "Kagerou Daze" with Marie, and reunites with Azami. Azami offers them the "Me wo Awaseru (目を合体させる)" snake to save them, but Shion gives the snake to Marie instead and sends her back to the outside world.

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