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A character appearing in the Kagerou Project. His full name is Kokonose Haruka.
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"It looks like this world is kind of fucked-up."

"ZZZ...! I was awake. Yeah. Really."

"W-Will you come with me?"


NameKokonose Haruka (Konoha)
Mekakushidan MemberNo.9
MusicKonoha no Sekai Jijou Yuukei Yesterday
PowerMe wo Samasu (目を醒ます)
BirthdayDecember 24
Blood TypeO
Favorite DinosaurTriceratops


SelfBoku (僕)
EneTakane (Haruka)


He was designed by Shidu.

A very mysterious, amnesiac young man with white hair in a ponytail and pink eyes. There are markings the same color as his eyes on his right cheek. He lives at Hiyori's sister's house as a foster child. He has a childlike, naive personality and takes things at his own pace, but likes to play baseball with the local children and is very curious. He has an unusually high capacity for physical strength.

The caption of his debut song calls him "a 'person' coming to his senses", and so he is thought to be human, but within the lyrics he describes himself as having "a body made of gathered-up meanings and dreams and lives", "a flickering, transparent body". He seems to be a little more than an ordinary human.

Also, he knows about the experiment in the fake town, and watches the two dreaming in the middle of town, and thus is an existence that hints at a connection between the songs. He may be a very important character in the Kagerou Project.

Because Konoha no Sekai Jijou is connected to Kagerou Daze, Konoha is often drawn together with Hibiya and Hiyori.

He appears in the epilogue of the first novel. He rides in the ambulance with Hibiya as Hibiya's attendant. At that time, his body is not transparent, and the emergency response crew as well as Shintarou and the others are aware of him.

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Spoilers Below

His true identity is Kokonose Haruka. He was Enomoto Takane's only classmate, and was dying from a congenital disease; his body was very weak.

He was originally human, but during his second year of high school, he suffered a sudden outbreak of his disease and died. As a result, he is drawn into "Kagerou Daze", and obtains the "Me wo Samasu (目を醒ます)" power, which allows him to recreate his body into whatever he believes to be an ideal form. At that time, Haruka takes on the form of his game avatar "Konoha", and obtains incredible physical capabilities. But at the same time, he is turned into an artificial human by Kenjirou, and his memories were damaged and partially lost.

Reborn as the artificial human "Konoha", he lived at Hiyori's sister Ayaka's house (or in other words, at Ayaka's husband Kenjirou's house). One summer, he meets Hiyori and Hibiya, whom Kenjirou have invited over, and when the two of them are run over by a truck and killed, he enters "Kagerou Daze" with them.

Just as the lyrics "flickering, transparent body" imply, Konoha is unable to interfere with "Hiyori and Hibiya's Kagerou Daze", and can only watch over their tragedy. In the end, he returns to the real world with Hibiya, and when Ene sees him getting on the ambulance with Hibiya, she begs Shintarou to follow him. After that, Konoha joins the Mekakushidan with Hibiya.

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