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Kisaragi Momo

The protagonist of "Kisaragi Attention".

"I might wind up still expecting something from today, even though it's been a mess 'til now."

"I'll steal you away!"

"Umm... I want vanilla beans on my deluxe pork curry...
Oh! And shiratama anmitsu! Please put some of that on too!"

"But I believe, because you're you."


NameKisaragi Momo (Momo)
Mekakushidan MemberNo.5
SongsKisaragi Attention Otsukimi Recital
PowerMe wo Ubau (目を奪う)
BirthdayFebruary 14
Blood TypeO
Favorite GameSegare Ijiri


KidoKido-san / Captain-san
SelfWatashi (私)
ShintarouOnii-chan / Stupid Brother


The main character appearing in Jin (Shizen no TekiP)'s IA song Kisaragi Attention. She seems to be an idol who has just made her debut, and in the official PV there are posters of her with "1st single on sale!" written on them.

She is Kisaragi Shintarou's little sister, and even though they bicker a lot she still loves him. She also knows Ene. Her fashion sense and favorite foods are very unique, and she often doesn't see eye to eye with others about such things. Her favorite drink is oshiruko soda. She also likes dried mango and dried squid, and seems to be the type who eats her favorite food every day.

Momo's special power, "Me wo Ubau (目を奪う)", allows her to force everyone around her to look at her no matter what the situation. In the first novel, she succeeds in getting the attention even of people who were panicking and those who hadn't noticed she was standing there.

She used to hate her power, and wanted to quit her job as an idol. When she was crying from self-hatred and worrying that there was nothing likeable about herself, Kido, the captain of the Mekakushidan, approaches her. Kido brings her to meet the others, and she becomes the fifth member of the Mekakushidan. While at the hideout, she meets Marie, and even though Marie makes a mess of things out of nervousness and airheadedness, the two of them make friends. Momo gains courage from her new friends, and decides to remain an idol.

Momo appears in the PV for the song "Kimi no Me wo", which Jin wrote with the freelance singer Soraru, but this song has no connection with the Kagerou Project.

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Past (Spoiler Warning)

As a child she had an inferiority complex because of her prodigy brother, felt that she could never get out of her brother's shadow, and wanted people to notice her.

When she went to the sea with her class during a school trip, she was swept away by a wave while swimming and drowned.

At that time, she was drawn into "Kagerou Daze". She was possessed by the "Me wo Ubau (目を奪う)" snake, and obtained the power to make people find her personality, physical attributes, and sense to be unusual and intriguing.

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