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Kano is a character appearing in Jin's Kagerou Project.

"Man, you really are funny......! You're the best."

"Whoa-ho! Marie, those clothes are really adorable! You look like a little baby seal..."

"Aw, hey, I'm sorry, don't cry! It was just a tall tale, y'know?"

"Aw man, I screwed up."


NameKano Shuuya (Kano)
MusicYobanashi Deceive
Mekakushidan MemberNo.3
PowerMe wo Azamuku (目を欺く)
BirthdayMay 10
Blood TypeB
Favorite PrefectureSaga


SelfBoku (僕)


He first appeared in "Kisaragi Attention". (However, strictly speaking he is thought to appear in "Konoha no Sekai Jijou" as a child for a split second.)

He is a member of the mysterious Mekakushidan. He wears a short-sleeved zipper hoodie on top of a T-shirt, and has light brown hair and narrow eyes like a cat.

He tends to be laughing even in dangerous situations, and has an aloof, deliberately evasive personality and a neverending smile. He has the power to change the way he looks to others, and can use this power to imitate the appearance of existing people.

Because of his narrow eyes, when he first appeared in the "Kisaragi Attention" PV people tended to think of him as a delinquent, but in the novelization it is revealed that his speech pattern is quite mild, and from his playful and talkative demeanor, fans' perspective on him changed drastically.

He is good-natured and cheerful, and is something of the Mekakushidan's merrymaker. He seems to have very good communication skills and is good at small talk, and according to Jin, "I'm sure that if Kano went to a beauty parlor or something he'd chat up all the lady workers something crazy, but he knows that there's this kind of line where as long as you don't cross it you're not annoying, so they'd probably like him". He often teases the people around him, so he is thought to be a smooth-talker, but he is reliable when the chips are down.

He comes from an orphanage, and he, Kido, and Seto are childhood friends. Too, he's constantly trying to get a rise out of Kido and tends to get beat up in proportion to his provocation, but he keeps smiling the whole time as if not doing so would go against some personal policy.

Concerning his appearance, Jin has said "If you asked me if he's a hottie or not, I think he's probably average" "If he really put effort into being popular, he probably wouldn't lose to anybody in the looks department".

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Past (Spoiler Warning)

As a child he did not go to kindergarten, but spent his youth in an apartment block with his mother. His mother appears to have been emotionally unstable and beat Kano nearly every day, and the neighbors were worried that he was being abused. But because Kano was convinced that it was his own fault for making his mother angry, he began to wish that he could erase the injuries on his own body that made the neighbors think badly of his mother. Incidentally, according to notes in the third novel, he always wore long sleeves and long pants to try to hide his injuries at the time.

One day, a burglar forced his way into the house looking for money, and Kano's mother was stabbed to death by the burglar while trying to protect her son. Kano was also killed at the time.

At that time, he entered "Kagerou Daze". He was possessed by the "Me wo Azamuku (目を欺く)" snake, and gained the ability to change his appearance in the eyes of beholders.

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