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Yobanashi Deceive

An original IA song by Jin. Uploaded to Nico Nico Douga on February 17, 2013.

A story about a creepy liar.
"I might as well tell you the strangest story I've got."

"Ah, my heart is uglier than anything. I hate it so, so, so much
 that I can't help but sneer all the time."


The ninth episode of Jin's "Kagerou Project", a story of deceiving one's eyes.

"Then let's chat for a bit."
"Oh my dirty! What a disgrace."
"Aw man, I screwed up."

About the Song

A rock song, Jin's forte. The pace is rather calmer than his previous rock songs, but the guitar riffs are powerful and filled with pathos and the slap bass is complex, and the drums become more ferociously apparent towards the end, elements that have not been seen in his previous music. It is a song that serves as colorful garnish for the whole Kagerou Project, and is very addictive to listen to.

Four hours and fifteen minutes after the initial upload, it already had 100,000 views. This is the second fastest time in history that a Vocaloid song has obtained such a total.
※On March 18, the song had gained one million hits.

About the Character

The hero of this song is "Kano" (Kano Shuuya). Just as the other members of the Mekakushidan have magical powers related to their eyes, Kano too has the ability to "deceive one's eyes".

Within the video, there are depictions of Kido and Seto, who were raised at the same orphanage as Kano. During the second verse, Kano takes on a feminine body similar to Kido, and then appears wearing red hairpins like Seto's. Also, during the first chorus, Kano uses forms that are thought to be based on Momo and Marie; right around the two-minute mark, when the song is about to go into its second chorus, his body seems to be based on Shintarou because of the appearance of his eyes.

Also, according to Shidu, "The Kano that appears from the first interlude to 1:34 is closes to the real him". And at the very end of the movie, a child Kano can be spotted crying, as well as evidence that can help viewers guess when he got his powers.



I'm great at telling lies
But I'm not so good at being honest
It's weird, you know, because no matter what
Whenever I tell the truth, it sounds the most unbelievable

ビバップな浮遊感 夜が次第に乱反射して
ツービートで光って たまには愚痴っちゃって良いかな
もうなんか収まらないネタ話だって体で 一つどう?

bibappu na fuyuukan yoru ga shidai ni ranhansashite
tsuubiito de hikatte tama ni wa guchicchatte ii ka na
nee, chotto hanasou ka baka na jishoushoushou nan dakedo
mou nanka osamannai netabanashi datte tai de hitotsu dou?

じゃあ、ちょっと喋ろうか。僕の非凡でいて 妙なとこ
平凡を装った 僕がずっと悩んでいる事
十年は経ちそうなある日 『怪物』の声がして

jaa, chotto shaberou ka. boku no hibon de ite myou na toko
heibon wo yosotta boku ga zutto nayandeiru koto
juunen wa tachisou na aru hi "kaibutsu" no koe ga shite
shinzou wo nomikonda "uso wo tsukitsudzukero" tte sa

泣かないで! 全部法螺話だよ?

sore irai, boku wa usotsuki de
damasenai hito ya mono mo nakunatte
"kaibutsu" ni narihatechatte sa
...aa, gomen ne
nakanaide! zenbu horabanashi da yo?

オーマイダーティー! なんて醜態! 僕は誤魔化す
なんて言ったって この本心は不気味じゃない?
偽って そっぽ向いて 嘘を重ねて
僕は今日もまた 徒然、嘲笑う

oh my dirty! nante shuutai! boku wa gomakasu
nante itta tte kono honshin wa bukimi ja nai?
itsuwatte soppo muite uso wo kasanete
boku wa kyou mo mata, tsuredzure, azawarau

ビバップ、消えそうな 夜が嫌いそうな少女にも
ツービート、泣きそうな 嘘が嫌いな青少年にも
そう、もう同じ様に ちゃちな「理想」がインプットして

bibappu, kiesou na yoru ga kirai sou na shoujo ni mo
tsuubiito, nakisou na uso ga kirai na seishounen ni mo
sou, mou onaji you ni chachi na "risou" ga inputtoshite
shinzou wo nomikonda sore irai kidzuitan da, bokura wa

それも嘘? いやいや、本心だよ?

tanjun ni risou kanatta to shite,
hitoribocchi ja kono yo wa ikitekenai
sore mo uso? iya iya, honshin da yo?
kuzuresou na nou ga "no" de michimichiteyuku

オーマイダーティー! もっと聴いて! 僕の心を
我が儘を この嘘を 本物を
「寂しいよ」なんて言った 僕は変わらない

oh my dirty! motto kiite! boku no kokoro wo
wagamama wo kono uso wo honmono wo
"sabishii yo" nante itta boku wa kawaranai
niyakesou na hodo tsunedzune akireteru

オーマイダーティー! もう嫌いだ! ほら、聴かせてよ
呆れちゃう様な 僕なんて もう救えない?
『問題ないぜ』なんて言って 君は変わらない

oh my dirty! mou kirai da! hora, kikasete yo
akirechau you na boku nante mou sukuenai?
"mondai nai ze" nante itte kimi wa kawaranai
"aa, misucchatta"
mata bukimi na boku ni, tsunedzune oboreteku


Ah, it looks like I've said too much.
Well, this is just a "tall tale", after all.
Then let's leave it at that for today.
The next time she gives the sign,
I'll tell you an even stranger story.

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我が儘を この嘘を 本物を


Nico Nico Douga 

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