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Seto (Kagerou Project)

Seto is a character from Jin's Kagerou Project.

"What great weather! But I wonder where I am? I've never seen this species of deer before."

"But you know, the world isn't as scary as all that!"

"I think I can call 'a heart that saves a heart' courage."


NameSeto Kousuke (Seto)
MusicKuusou Forest, Shounen Brave
Mekakushidan MemberNo.2
PowerMe wo Nusumu (目を盗む)
BirthdayMarch 28
Blood TypeO
Favorite Type of GirlYachigusa Kaoru


SelfOre (俺)


Seto is a character from Jin's Kagerou Project. He is the boy who appeared in Souzou Forest, who brought Marie into the outside world.

His appearance was displayed on the Kagerou Project official website, but he did not appear in the first novel, so for a long time his name was unknown. Jin posted his name on Twitter slightly before Children Record was uploaded.

He is a young man in the Mekakushidan. He wears deep green overalls. Underneath them he wears a white tank top, and usually has yellow hairpins on. When he was a little boy, he had a communication disorder and had trouble talking to people. He has wanderlust, and has a sporty dialect.

He has the special ability to obtain information about things by looking at them, but Seto himself hates his power because it reads people's hearts and thoughts without their consent, and almost never uses it.

When he was still a little boy, he visited the hikikomori medusa girl Marie's house. But when he opened the door, Marie tried to warn him that if their eyes met he would turn to stone.

Of course, when Marie said that, she literally meant that she would turn his body to stone because she is a medusa. But Seto mistook her words to mean that if she looked at him, she would become so nervous that she would freeze up like stone. He thinks, oh, so she is afraid to talk to people just like I was!, and brings her into the outside world.

The PV to Souzou Forest shows Seto as a child, wearing a white hoodie, but the updated Kuusou Forest PV also shows him as an adult. In the PV for Konoha no Sekai Jijou, he is shown as a child with young Kido and Kano sitting on Ayaka's lap, but in the PV, the silhouettes are difficult to distinguish, so it was hard to say if he appeared in it or not. (It was later confirmed that he did appear in the PV.) He appears in Kisaragi Attention as a member of the Mekakushidan. Also, in the manga adaptation, he can be seen talking to birds.

He works at a flower shop in the market district, and also works as a crossing guard and a newspaper boy. He performs at various part-time jobs. Apparently, he is also good at cooking.

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Past (Spoiler Warning)

When he was very young, he did not have parents, and because he was small and easily frightened, he was unable to talk to the people around him and was bullied.

He had no friends, and treated an abandoned puppy as his only friend. Perhaps because of his environment, he began to wish that he could learn what people felt without using words.

One stormy day, Seto found the other nearby children trying to throw his puppy into a flooding river. Even though he resisted, the dog was thrown into the water, and Seto jumped in after it.

At that time, he was drawn into Kagerou Daze. He was possessed by the Me wo Nusumu (目を盗む) snake, and gained the ability to perceive information about things in the form of a voice.

Incidentally, his dog's name was "Hanako" according to the third novel.

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