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Ene is a character appearing in the Kagerou Project.
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"Let's not talk about what we like, let's talk about what we hate, Master!!"

"I don't understand this at all."

"Wow, you're garbage."

"But then, you'll never be able to see tomorrow."


NameEnomoto Takane (Ene)
Mekakushidan MemberNo.6
SongsJinzou Enemy, Headphone Actor, Ene no Dennou Kikou, Yuukei Yesterday
PowerMe ga Sameru (目が覚める)
Blood TypeAB
CVAsumi Kana
Theme ColorBlue


SelfWatashi (私)
MomoLittle Sister/Momo-chan (Takane)
KonohaFaker / Haruka (Takane)
AyanoAyano-chan (Takane)


The girl who appears in the song "Jinzou Enemy". Her name was revealed on Jin's twitter. Asumi Kana is her voice actor on the album "Mekakucity Days". Her full name (and her former incarnation) was Enomoto Takane.

An electrical girl who showed up on Kisaragi Shintarou's computer one day.

She has messy pigtails, and wears a jersey with too-long sleeves. Her clothes, hair, and eyes are all blue, and she has marks like clasps on her face.

She is thought to be some type of AI which can move freely throughout the digital world, and can move anywhere as long as it has electrical circuits.

Her personality is bright and noisy, and she loves to play tricks. She calls Shintarou her "Master", and pesters him every day by messing with the data on his PC. She can talk to him across the screen, and can move to cellular phones and such if they are connected to a cable.

She used to be human, but after being used in a certain experiment, she lost her body, and via her powers, she obtained an eternal spirit. Because of that, she has less need for sleep than a human, and can maintain a good mood for longer periods of time.

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