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Hiyori (Kagerou Project)

Hiyori is a character appearing in the "Kagerou Project". Her full name is Asahina Hiyori.
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"I think I might hate summer."

"You're loud, you're a pain in the ass, and you're creepy!! Don't make me say it a million times!"


NameAsahina Hiyori (Hiyori)
SongsKagerou Daze, Konoha no Sekai Jijou
BirthdayMarch 3
Blood TypeA
Favorite AnimalCats


The girl who appears in Jin (Shizen no TekiP)'s song Kagerou Daze. Her name was revealed on the official website.

Her appearance is never made clear in Kagerou Daze, and so she made her onscreen debut in Konoha no Sekai Jijou.

Character (Spoilers for the third novel)編集

She is very beautiful despite only being in elementary school, and is something of an idol in her country hometown. She's popular enough that the people of the town say things like "Boys only become men once they have fallen in love with Asahina Hiyori" and "You can't throw a rock without hitting an Asahina fan", and her fans call themselves "Asahiners". However, Asahina herself is headstrong and tends to be rather moody. She has a very sharp tongue, and she shows no mercy to her fanbase, calling them "creepers" and "nuisances".

Her overwhelming power causes some series fans to call her "Hiyori-sama".

She is the daughter of one of the three richest families in town, and she is Ayaka's little sister. This makes her Kenjirou's sister-in-law and Ayano's aunt, despite Ayano being older than her. She has never met her sister, who ran away from home before Hiyori was even born, and she first met the Tateyamas at Ayaka's funeral.

One day, she finds a contact form dropped by her year-mate Hibiya, one of her fans, and invites him to help carry her bags on her summer break trip to the city, where she hopes to get an autograph from her favorite idol Kisaragi Momo. Her brother-in-law Kenjirou says that she is free to stay at the Tateyamas' old house, and she meets Konoha there and falls in love with him.

On August 15, the third day of their stay, she was taking a walk with Hibiya when she starts chasing a red-eyed cat, which ends in an argument with him. The two meet up with Konoha, who was looking for them, but Hiyori accidentally steps into the street as the light changes. Hibiya tries to pull her back but doesn't make it, and the two of them are run over by a truck and then drawn into Kagerou Daze.

Finally, there is an "unpredicted rainfall", and Hibiya and Konoha are returned to the real world, but Hiyori is left to repeat the 14th and 15th of August all alone...

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