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Guilty Crown 5000 Users Bookmark

Guilty Crown 5000 Users Bookmark (ギルクラ5000users入り) is one of the ranking tags for "Guilty Crown".
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Guilty Crown 5000 Users Bookmark (ギルクラ5000users入り) is a tag used for Guilty Crown related illustrations that received more than 5,000 bookmarks from users in pixiv.

Unlike normal evaluation tags, these tags are based on objective criteria, making it easier to find popular (high quality) works. On the other hand, since the number of bookmarks is the only criterion, not the content of the work, it is easier to find the work you are looking for by using keywords such as character names or negative search. Compared to impression tags and neta tags, search convenience is high, but tags need to be replaced as the number of bookmarks increases.

The usage of tags is subject to change, and to avoid complications in editing, we leave the details to the users bookmark.

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5000 Users Bookmark Guilty Crown

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