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List of Ranking Tags

This article is about the general list of ranking tags found in pixiv.


List of ranking tags is a list of tags in pixiv created specifically for pixiv, and pixpedia. These tags function as a reference on what tags should be attached, and what shouldn't.

pixiv tags in this category worked differently from the ones seen on other imageboards, as all of these tags do not work as a "category" but rather it reflects the opinion of a user towards the particular artwork itself. Hence tags in pixiv are worded differently than what is tagged on other imageboards.

While it will not function properly in English as of now, it is recommended for all users to use their Japanese counterpart when tagging other user artworks.


These tags (list located below) that are given to illustrations are considered as particularly striking by the users. It is important to note that these tags are given by the users who viewed your work and not yourself as these tags reflect the feelings of the users. Additionally, tags that are attached by the original artist are labelled with an asterisk *], while those attached by users are tags without asterisks.

While the list below are tags contain mostly praises and positive remarks, it is usually subjective as these tags are given to the artists by the users, thus opinions are depending on case by case basis. There are also biased cases where custom tags are given by people who adore the artist for certain reasons. Similarly, there are also cases where famous artworks went though heavy edits, which even cause some of the custom tags to lose its purpose.

Another thing to note would be the correct usage of "OO users bookmark" tags (tagged as "○○user入り"). These tags are given to illustrations that received a targeted amount of bookmarks from the users. These are also tags that are attached by the users and not the original artist. You might risk yourself getting your account suspended, or tarnish your image/reputation by attaching these tags yourself so please think twice beforehand. Similarly, you are also advised not to tag your artworks with your own name.

All problems mentioned above are usually solved by initiating discussions between each users through the comment function found below the artwork page (or even here, which is encouraged). Doing so allows you to convey your opinion and messages to the original artist as well about giving proper tags to an artwork. Civilized discussion is thus highly recommended.

List of Tags

The below list contain tags that are given by the users themselves. There are also identical tags with different meanings.

Tag translation is currently on pending status as some tags are directly translated from its Japanese counterpart. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE FOLLOWING TRANSLATION IS ACCURATE BEFORE MAKING ARTICLES ABOUT IT

For Beautiful Illustrations Related

For Beautiful Illustrations Submitted as Sketches

For Expression Related



Illustrations That Stimulate Fetishism









  • Heavenly Ass (尻神様)
  • Outrageous Ass (けしからん尻)
  • 撫で回したい尻
  • 顔を埋めたい尻
  • 鷲掴みしたくなる尻。

Anal (R-18)

Nether Region



Everyday Observation Related

Non-Everyday Observation Related

For Works With Overflowing Ideas

Cases where the idea goes way too much...

Author is Sick Series Tags

○○Profit Tags

No Discomfort Illustration Tags

No Discomfort (違和感がない)< Discomfort, Get to Work (違和感仕事しろ)< Zero Discomfort (違和感ゼロ)< Discomfort has Abandoned Work (違和感が仕事放棄)< Discomfort Whereabouts Are Unknown (違和感が行方不明)< Where is Discomfort (違和感どこいった)< Discomfort Has Logged Out (違和感がログアウト)

Legendary-fied Illustrations Related

These tags are not used for ranking purposes, but it is used as a result of a long-lasting impact on content creation in pixiv (like works getting adapted by the media industry, works that left a mark on history, etc)

Personal Related

(Insert original artist name) Who Has Established Reputation On (Insert Characteristics) ((特徴)に定評のある(作者))
This is why (insert original artist name) is... (これだから(作者)は)

Drawing Tools Related

Title, Caption, Background (etc) Related

For comment related, refer to Comment Related Tags.

Food for Thought Tags

Bookmark Ranking List

Based on 10000 Users Bookmark

2 or more works with 10000 bookmarks are required

Genre10000 Users1000 UsersOthers
VOCALOIDVOCALOID 10000 Users BookmarkVOCALOID 1000 Users Bookmark
HetaliaHetalia 10000 Users BookmarkHetalia 1000 Users BookmarkAPH Manga 1000 Users Bookmark
DRRR!!DRRR!! 10000 Users BookmarkDRRR!! 1000 Users Bookmark
Inazuma ElevenInaEle 10000 Users BookmarkInaEle 1000 Users Bookmark
Sengoku BASARASengoku BASARA 10000 Users BookmarkSengoku BASARA 1000 Users Bookmark
Panty and Stocking with GarterbeltPansuto 10000 Users BookmarkPansuto 1000 Users Bookmark
Studio GhibliGhibli 10000 Users BookmarkGhibli 1000 Users Bookmark
PokemonPokemon 10000 Users BookmarkPokemon 1000 Users Bookmark
Puella Magi Madoka MagicaMadoka☆Magica 10000 Users BookmarkMadoka☆Magica 1000 Users Bookmark
Blue ExorcistBlueExo 10000 Users BookmarkBlue Exo 1000 Users Bookmark

(5 Users Bookmark)(10 Users Bookmark)(30 Users Bookmark)
50 Users Bookmark100 Users Bookmark200 Users Bookmark
250 Users Bookmark300 Users Bookmark500 Users Bookmark
800 Users Bookmark1000 Users Bookmark3000 Users Bookmark
5000 Users Bookmark7500 Users Bookmark10000 Users Bookmark
30000 Users Bookmark50000 Users Bookmark100000 Users Bookmark
200000 Users Bookmark300000 Users Bookmark400000 Users Bookmark
500000 Users Bookmark600000 Users Bookmark700000 Users Bookmark

1000 Users Genre Scope

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