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List of Ranking Tags

This article is about the general list of ranking tags found in pixiv.


"List of Ranking Tags" is a list of tags in pixiv created specifically for pixiv, and pixpedia. These tags function as a reference on what tags should be attached, and what shouldn't.

pixiv tags in this category worked differently from the ones seen on other imageboards, as all of these tags do not work as a "category" but rather it reflects the opinion of a user towards the particular artwork itself. Hence tags in pixiv are worded differently than what is tagged on other imageboards.

While it will not function properly in English as of now, it is recommended for all users to use their Japanese counterpart when tagging other user artworks.


These tags (list located below) that are given to illustrations are considered as particularly striking by the users. It is important to note that these tags are given by the users who viewed your work and not yourself as these tags reflect the feelings of the users. Additionally, tags that are attached by the original artist are labelled with an asterisk *], while those attached by users are tags without asterisks.

While the list below are tags contain mostly praises and positive remarks, it is usually subjective as these tags are given to the artists by the users, thus opinions are depending on case by case basis. There are also biased cases where custom tags are given by people who adore the artist for certain reasons. Similarly, there are also cases where famous artworks went though heavy edits, which even cause some of the custom tags to lose its purpose.

Another thing to note would be the correct usage of "OO users bookmark" tags (tagged as「○○user入り」). These tags are given to illustrations that received a targeted amount of bookmarks from the users. These are also tags that are attached by the users and not the original artist. You might risk yourself getting your account suspended, or tarnish your image/reputation by attaching these tags yourself so please think twice beforehand. Similarly, you are also advised not to tag your artworks with your own name.

All problems mentioned above are usually solved by initiating discussions between each users through the comment function found below the artwork page (or even here, which is encouraged). Doing so allows you to convey your opinion and messages to the original artist as well about giving proper tags to an artwork. Civilized discussion is thus highly recommended.

List of Tags

The below list contain tags that are given by the users themselves. There are also identical tags with different meanings.

Tag translation is currently on pending status as some tags are directly translated from its Japanese counterpart. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE FOLLOWING TRANSLATION IS ACCURATE BEFORE MAKING ARTICLES ABOUT IT

For Beautiful Illustrations Related

Futsukushii (ふつくしい)
Beautiful (美しい)
Depressingly Beautiful (鬱くしい)
High Sense (ハイセンス)
Overflowing Sense (溢れ出るセンス)
This is Awesome (これはすごい)
Fascinated (見惚れた)
10 Points Are Not Enough (10点じゃ足りない)
100 Points Are Not Even Enough (100点でも足りない)
1000 Points Are Not Even Enough (1000点でも足りない)
10000 Points Are Not Even Enough (10000点でも足りない)
Should Be Ranked More (もっと評価されるべき)
Should Be Ranked Even More (さらに評価されるべき)
Should be Ranked Forever (ずっと評価されるべき)
Should be Ranked Quietly (そっと評価されるべき)
Pretty (綺麗)
Impressive (荘厳)
Fantastical (幻想的)
Mysterious (神秘的)
Dark Grey Thoughts (鈍色思い)
Eye Candy Illustrations (目の保養向きのイラスト)
Frame Faction (額縁派)
Click Recommended (クリック推奨)
Eminent Drawing Skills (卓越した画力)
Overwhelming Drawings (圧倒的描き込み)
Professional's Offense (プロの犯行)
Mysterious Technique (謎の技術)
Masterpiece (超大作)
Making Wanted (メイキング希望)

※For Beautiful Illustrations submitted as sketches
What is a Sketch Again (落書きって何だっけ)
This is...a Sketch... (落書き・・・だと・・・)
Super "What is a Sketch Again" Time (スーパー落書きってなんだっけタイム)

For Expression Related

Nice Face (いい顔) 
Nice Expression (いい表情) 
And Then Comes This Face (そしてこの顔である)

Nice Smile (いい笑顔) 
Good Smile (良い笑顔) 
Dazzling Smile (眩しい笑顔) 
Unbouncing Smile (弾けんばかりの笑顔)
Mysterious Smile (不思議な力をくれるあの笑顔) 
I Want To Protect That Smile (守りたい、この笑顔)
Angel's Smile (天使の微笑み)
Angelic Smile (天使の笑顔) 
Smile Like An Angel (天使のような笑顔)

Illustrations That Stimulate Fetishism

Outrageous (けしからん)
Grand Sensuality (壮絶な色気)
Sexy (セクシー)


Cheeky Cheeks (揉み回したいほっぺ)

Tasty Naps (噛み付きたいうなじ)


Breast God (乳神様 )
Outrageous Breasts (けしからん乳)
Best of Breasts (極上の乳)
Dive-able Breasts (埋もれたくなる胸。)
Soul-Shaking Breasts (魂を揺さぶる乳)

Pointy Nipples (てぃくび)

Body(Stomach, Waist, Buttocks area)

Stomach Worth Rubbing Around (撫で回したいお腹)
Pinch Stomach (つまみたい腹)

Charming Waist (魅惑の腰)

Heavenly Ass (尻神様)
Outrageous Ass (けしからん尻)

Anal(NOTE : R-18)
Lick-able Anal (舐め回したい穴)

Nether Region
Heavenly Crotch (股神様)


Beautiful Legs (美脚)
Wants To Be Kicked (蹴られたい)
Worth Getting Kicked Legs (蹴られたい脚)
Wants To Get Stepped On (踏まれたい)
Please Step on Me (踏んでください)

Thighs I Want To Use As Pillows 膝枕したくなる太腿。

Everyday Observation Related

It's Happened To Me (あるある)
It's Happened To Me A Lot (あるあるある)
Nice One (やるやる)
It's Happened So Often I Want To Cry (ありすぎて泣ける)
It's Happened So Often It's Problematic (ありすぎて困る)
Nothing But Agreed (同意せざるを得ない)
Are You Me (お前は俺か)
It's So Me (なんという俺)
Oh, That's Just Me (なんだ俺のことか)
Eh? I'm There (あれ俺がいる(俺がいる))

Non-Everyday Observation Related

No Such Thingw (ねーよw)
It's Happened To...No Such Thingw あるあ…ねーよw

For Works With Overflowing Ideas

Never Thought of That Before (その発想はなかった)
Winning Concept (発想の勝利)
Thought of That Before (その発想はあった)
Shouldn't Have Thought of That (その発想はしてはいけなかった)
Was Wondering Who Would Do That (誰かがやると思った)
Dangerous Blending (混ぜるな危険)
Natural Blending (混ぜるな自然)
Somewhat Accurate (だいたいあってる)
Generally Unfit (だいたいあってない)
Everything Fits (全部あってる)
You Don't Say That (お前が言うな)

※Cases where the idea goes way too much...
WTF (どうしてこうなった)
This is Terrible (これはひどい)
What Happened (何があった)
Surreal (シュール)
Chaos (カオス)
Master Painter (画伯)
Lovable Idiot (愛すべき馬鹿)
Wizard Appears (鬼才現る)
Brokem Abs (腹筋崩壊)
Abs Breaker (腹筋ブレイカー)
Tsukkomi Can't Catch Up (ツッコミが追いつかない)
Too Much to Comment (突っ込みどころ満載)
Lol'd (吹いた)
Author Does Not Value Life (作者は命知らず)
I Don't Get It (わけがわからないよ) - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Related

Author is Sick Series Tags

Author is Sick (作者は病気)
Author is Sick Series(作者は病気シリーズ)
Author on Deathbed (作者は末期)
Author is Late (作者は手遅れ)
Author is Sent to Hospital (作者は病院送り)
Come to Hospital (病院が来い)
Fetch a Hospital (病院持って来い)
Let's Build A Hospital Here (ここに病院を建てよう)
Let's Build A Poke Center Here(ここにポケセンを建てよう)
Hospital, Run Away (病院逃げて)
Poke Center, Run Away(ポケセン逃げて)
Failure of Modern Medication (現代医学の敗北)
Failure of Modern Medication Series(現代医学の敗北シリーズ)
Author has Serious Illness (作者は重症)
Author has Light Illness (作者は軽症)
On Sickness (病んでる)
Nekkou (ネッ広)
Yellow Ambulance (黄色い救急車)
Ah, This Person Must Be Sick (ああこの人病気なんだな)
The Hospital Escaped From Here (ここに建てた病院が逃げた)
Author is For Real (作者は本気)

Transdimensional-Minded Author (作者の頭が超次元) - Inazuma Eleven Related
Irregular (作者はイレギュラー) - Rockman Related

○○Profit Tags

Whose Profit (誰得)
My Profit (俺得)
Everyone's Profit (皆得)

No Discomfort Illustration Tags

No Discomfort (違和感がない)< Discomfort, Get to Work (違和感仕事しろ)< Zero Discomfort (違和感ゼロ)< Discomfort has Abandoned Work (違和感が仕事放棄)< Discomfort Whereabouts Are Unknown (違和感が行方不明)< Where is Discomfort (違和感どこいった)< Discomfort Has Logged Out (違和感がログアウト)

Legendary-fied Illustrations Related

※ These tags are not used for ranking purposes, but it is used as a result of a long-lasting impact on content creation in pixiv (like works getting adapted by the media industry, works that left a mark on history, etc)

Pixstory (ぴく史)
Beginning of a Legend (伝説の始まり)
Starting Point (全てはここから始まった)
All Your Fault (だいたいこいつのせい)
Originator (本家)
Epicenter (震源地)
The Main Culprit (全ての元凶)

Personal Related

(Insert original artist name) Who Has Established Reputation On (Insert Characteristics) ((特徴)に定評のある(作者))
This is why (insert original artist name) is... (これだから(作者)は)
The Usual (insert original artist name) (いつもの(作者))
Beautiful (insert original artist name) (きれいな(作者))

Drawing Tools Related

SAI's Real Deal (SAIの本気)
pixia's Real Deal (pixiaの本気)
Mouse's Real Deal (マウスの本気)
Drawing Chat's Real Deal (絵チャの本気)
Oekaki Board Magician (お絵かき掲示板の魔術師)
Mechanical Pencil God (シャー神)

Title, Caption, Background (etc) Related

Title Art (タイトル芸)
Caption Art (キャプション芸)
Survey Art (アンケート芸)
Tag Art (タグ芸)
Excellent Title (秀逸なタイトル)
Excellent Caption (秀逸なキャプション)
Excellent Survey (秀逸なアンケート)
And Then Comes This Avatar Art (そしてこのプロフ絵である)
And Then This Avatar Picture (そしてこのプロフ絵)
And Then This Avatar Drawing (そしてこのプロフ画)
And The Comes This Avatar Drawing (そしてこのプロフ画である)
And Then Comes This Background (そしてこの背景である)

※For comment related, do refer to Comment Related Tags

Food for Thought Tags

Sad (切ない)
Overwhelmingly Sad(なにこれせつない)
Broken Tear Gland (涙腺崩壊)
Moved to Tears (泣ける)
WTF That's Making Me Cry(なにこれなける)
Cried (泣いた)
Cried All My Heart (全俺が泣いた)
Nice Story (イイハナシダナー)

Cool (かっこいい)
WTF This is Coolなにこれかっこいい
No Chance of Winning (勝てる気がしない)
Not Even Thinking of Winning (勝とうとも思わない) 
Overflowing Charisma (溢れ出るカリスマ)

Wondeful (素敵)
WTF Wondeful (なにこれ素敵)

Cute (かわいい)
WTF Cuteなにこれかわいい
Too Cute (かわいすぎる)
WTF Too Cute (なにこれかわいすぎる)
It's Very Cute!! (すっごく可愛いです!)
Healed (癒された)
WTF Healing (なにこれ癒される)
Relaxing (和む)
WTF Relaxing (なにこれ和む(なにこれなごむ))
This is Relaxing (これは和む)
Somehow Relaxing (なんか和む)

Feels like mixing (混ざりたい)
I Want To Fluff It Up もふりたい

Moe (萌える)
WTF Moe (なにこれ萌える)
So Moe I Went Bald (萌え禿げた)
Irresistable (たまらん)
WTF Irresistable (なにこれたまらん)
WTF Boiling (なにこれ滾る)
I've been waiting for this (こういうのを待っていた)
MOAR (いいぞもっとやれ)

Scary (こわい)
WTF Scary (なにそれこわい)
WTF Scary (なにこれこわい)
WTF That's Scary (なにこれこわいい )

WTF Want (なにこれほしい(なにこれ欲しい))
Product Wanted (商品化希望)
Name Your Price and I'll Buy It (言い値で買おう)
When is it Selling? (いつ発売ですか?)
How Much is it (おいくらですか(おいくらですか?) )
Where is it being soldどこで売ってますか(どこで売ってますか?)
Where can I buy it (どこに行けば買えますか) (どこで買えますか)
Bank Transfer Error Scam (振り込めない詐欺)

Bookmark Ranking List

Based on 10000 Users Bookmark

※2 or more works with 10000 bookmarks are required

Genre10000 Users1000 UsersOthers
VOCALOIDVOCALOID 10000 Users BookmarkVOCALOID 1000 Users Bookmark
HetaliaHetalia 10000 Users BookmarkHetalia 1000 Users BookmarkAPH Manga 1000 Users Bookmark
DRRR!!DRRR!! 10000 Users BookmarkDRRR!! 1000 Users Bookmark
Inazuma ElevenInaEle 10000 Users BookmarkInaEle 1000 Users Bookmark
Sengoku BASARASengoku BASARA 10000 Users BookmarkSengoku BASARA 1000 Users Bookmark
Panty and Stocking with GarterbeltPansuto 10000 Users BookmarkPansuto 1000 Users Bookmark
Studio GhibliGhibli 10000 Users BookmarkGhibli 1000 Users Bookmark
PokemonPokemon 10000 Users BookmarkPokemon 1000 Users Bookmark
Puella Magi Madoka MagicaMadoka☆Magica 10000 Users BookmarkMadoka☆Magica 1000 Users Bookmark
Blue ExorcistBlueExo 10000 Users BookmarkBlue Exo 1000 Users Bookmark

Original 10000 Users Bookmark 50000 Users Bookmark

1000 Users Genre Scope

→Please refer to 1000 users Bookmark for more details.

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