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Hibiki Hibino

Hibiki Hibino (日比乃ひびき) is one of the mascots of TYPE-MOON's defunct mobile site and the main character of Mahou Tsukai no Hako.


BirthdaySeptember 7
Blood TypeType O
Three SizesB79/W55/H82
Family StructureGrandfather
LikesFluffy stuff, Chikagi's pigtails
DislikesCleaning up, cheek-directed attacks
SpecialtiesCooking, making sweets
CVYoko Honda

Hibiki Hibino (日比乃ひびき) is a mascot of the now defunct TYPE-MOON's mobile site and the main character of Mahou Tsukai no Hako. She is an employee of the coffee shop Ahnenerbe, which often appears in TYPE-MOON's works. Hibiki's true identity is the Holy Scripture Triten (聖典トライテン) of Caubac Alcatraz.

She is a 16-year-old high school girl who, after entering school, starts treating Chikagi Katsuragi roughly but eventually becomes friends with her after an incident at the school swimming pool. She also invites her to work at Ahnenerbe as a part-time employee.

She lives with her grandfather in an old Western-style house, but her grandfather has not returned since he left on a trip, so she practically lives alone in the Western-style house.
She understands his own abilities, but does not seem to have a complete grasp of her past.


She is characterized by her orange ahoge hair. She also has yellow eyes.

As a Scripture Triten her hair color turns white, her hairstyle changes, and her costume changes to a white tights-like outfit.


She has a friendly puppy-like personality. She is cheerful and a bit natural but surprisingly strong and aggressive. For whatever reason, Hibiki is the one who takes the lead in the HibiChika duo.
She is cheerful and does not discriminate between anyone she meets, and loves everyone she meets but to a different extent. However, she often prefers to be with Chikagi because she is the one she likes the most.

She is in charge of cooking at Ahnenerbe . She is secretly proud of her cooking skills, which are endorsed by the manager George.
On the other hand, she is not very good at cleaning. If a cockroach appears, she catches it with chopsticks. Her pockets are filled with candies and other emergency rations.

When she is a Scripture Triten her tone of voice becomes inorganic and inarticulate going by the first-person pronoun boku (僕).

Because of the drastically different atmosphere, Chikagi could not recognize her as Hibiki when she met her.
Her somewhat blasé and non-poisonous personality remains unchanged, and her character itself seems to be the same as her human looking form.


Chikagi Katsuragi

Hibiki's best friend that she calls her Chika-chan. She makes lunch for Chikagi everyday and mix in vegetables for Chikagi's hamburger steak to get her to eat her vegetables.

Mr. Cellphone

They seem to know something about each other and sometimes have serious exchanges.

Sunao Sugata

Classmate and best friend.

Marie Muller

She gets address by Ne-san by him and has a strong attachment to her when she is a Triten.


Being a Scripture Triten she can demonstrate high physical functions and exercise a variety of abilities. Many of these powers includes: flying, levitation, purifying water in an instant, creating energy barriers of light, manifesting energy attacks and powerful against other high-powered things.

When she isn't a Scripture Triten she is still overwhelming powerful. She destroyed a grip strength meter and can win a tug of war alone.

In a drama CD by Magical Ruby she becomes a magical girl of Kaleid Ruby to stop a meteorite.

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