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Hibiki Houjou

Hibiki is the main character of Suite Precure.

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HIbiki is the main protagonist of the girl anime Suite Precure, which was aired in Japan from February 2011 to January 2012.


Hibiki is your typical teenage girl, she's good at sports, friendly, and fun to be with. Although HIbiki is probably the best judo, tennis, and soccer player at her school, as shown in the anime, she gets horrible scores on tests. Hibiki also may be stubborn and a little tomboyish, she is lonely and sometimes depressed.

Connections with the other characters

Kanade Minamino

Kanade is HIbiki's best friend, at least until they enter junior high school. After the two enter Aria Academy, they start fighting constantly with each other and become the worst of enemies. This is because of a misunderstanding that happened on their first day of school. However, after they become Precure, they go back to being BFFs.

Ellen Kurokawa

Ellen is HIbiki's other best friend. In the story Ellen teaches HIbiki the piano before the Kanon town piano contest.

Ako Shirabe

Ako is the fourth precure in the story, and also the youngest. Therefore, it is hard for Ako to cooperate with the other three. Hibiki makes Ako realize that she doesn't have to fight by herself anymore, and that they should work together.


Hummy lives in the Hojo household as their pet cat.


Noise is the main antagonist in Suite Precure. He is a being made of all of the sadness in the world. In the second to last episode of Suite, HIbiki is the first to realize that Noise is actually lonely, which is the reson why he wants to make both him and the whole universe disappear.

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