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Rika Jougasaki

Rika Jougasaki (Tag name: 城ヶ崎莉嘉) is a character from IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls as one of the recruitable idols, under the Passion category.


3 SizesB:72 W:54 H:75CupA
BirthdayJuly 30thHoroscopeLeo
Blood TypeBDominant HandLeft
HobbyCollecting stickers

Rika is a 12 year old girl who appears in the game, IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls as Mika Jougasaki's younger sister. She sports long blonde hair and has a gyaru style fashion sense. Her interests including collecting stickers and has a great fascination in beetles. While she acts like a grown-up, her inner-heart is more childlike.

Her high stats in the game incited players to obtain her card along with her sister as a pair in the game. She is also nicknamed "Imoutogasaki" (妹ヶ崎) as she is the younger sister of the Jougasaki pair.

She is slightly famous in pixiv, more so than her sister, oh you lolicons...

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