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Shouko Hoshi

Shouko Hoshi (Tag name: 星輝子) is a character for the mobile game IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls.


An introverted girl with a passion for mushrooms (which also includes growing them). She has also been seen making a lyrics of her own in the game, "「キノコーキノコーボッチノコーホシショウコー♪」 (kinoko=~ kinoko~ bocchi no ko Hoshi Shouko~), which roughly translates to "Mushrooms~, mushrooms~ a girl alone Hoshi Shouko~". She was also awkward and unskilled in communication, often stuttering when talking.


However, her personality changed radically once she turned into an idol (See below)

After Transformation

Once trained, she sported a total makeover, where her appearance changed into that of a Goth. Due to that, she is often compared to Krauser, and people often categorized her as an "enhanced human" being.


Fans often make remarks that Shouko might have eaten too many mushrooms, which resulted in her erratic behavior. However, fans may still argue that her personality actually remained the same and her erratic behavior is only a personally designed specifically for her idol persona.

Considering her fascination for mushrooms, she often mentions Shitake and other types of mushroom in the game.

Meme and Parodies

Due to her fascination towards Mushrooms, she is often compared to Mario or Luigi from Super Mario Brothers series.

Furthermore, her outlook before transformation looks similar to Nyaruko, hence fans often make parodies on both characters, though not as often as the former.


Furthermore, due to the nature of "Rule 34", She is also often portrayed as a character with ahegao expression for R-18 related illustrations.


3 Sizes73:53:75
BirthdayJune 6
Blood TypeB
InterestsGrowing mushrooms
Dominant HandLeft
Birth PlaceFukushima

One interesting thing about her profile: While she's about the same age as Chihaya Kisaragi, she's actually shorter than the already-short Yayoi Takatsuki, and her bust size is actually larger than Chihaya's, even though Anzu Futaba has the smallest bust size of all Idolmaster characters.

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