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The Idolmaster (アイドルマスター) is an arcade game and multimedia work of Namco (now Bandai Namco Entertainment) that has been in operation since July 2005. It is also the theme song of the game.


The Idolmaster (アイドルマスター, Aidorumasutā), stylize as THE iDOLM@STER is an idol training simulation game and multimedia series released by Namco Bandai Entertainment (formerly Namco).

Since the first arcade version was released in July 2005, the series has been officially developed into a variety of games, anime, CDs, and live performances.
Currently, many derivative works have appeared, and individual development is also taking place within those works. The number of idols has grown to about 300 as a result of the increase in the number of derivative works.

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