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Anzu Futaba

Anzu Futaba (Tag name: 双葉杏) is one of the available characters for the mobile game IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls.

Character Overview.

She is available as an idol for the players to raise as an idol under the Cute (Pink Flower) category.

Basically a character with a NEET mindset, she was scouted as an idol because she thought she could be able to live through royalty if she works as an idol. She basically wears only a T-Shirt with the words, "You Lose If You Work" and is basically a very laid back, lazy character that does not have the slightest bit of will in winning.

Ironically her card is considered to be a top tier card that attracts many producers to obtain and raise her as an idol.

She is 17, and is considered to be a loli character due to her height and weight (139CM, 30KG). Due to her size, she is considered to be the smallest of them all, more so than Yayoi Takatsuki.

One interesting point to note is that she is by far the only character that does not reveal her three sizes, at all. Her lazy attitude remains unchanged even after going through special training.

Her representative CV (at the moment) is confirmed to be Hiromi Igarashi. As her popularity has led her to be chosen for the first iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls CD.

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