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Miku Maekawa

Miku Maekawa (Tag name: 前川みく) is a character from IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls as one of the recruitable idols, under the Cute category.


3 SizesB:85 W:55 H:81
BirthdayFeb 22
Horoscope Pieces
Blood TypeB
Dominant HandRight
Place of BirthOsaka
HobbiesTouring Cat Cafes

Character Overview

Miku is one of the idols recruitable in the game (through random auditions). A girl who loves cats, she loves touring around cat cafe and has taken the liking to attaching cat ears and tails in her idol costume, and even uses "nya" when she ends her sentences. She is also known to have gotten into a fight with the producer, and though lost, she follows him around.

She is also one of the popular idols in the game, especially with her cute and erotic appearances, which attracted many fans to obtain her card. Her rare card is especially easy to obtain, where one could easily own after the end of the tutorial.

Ironically, although she has a great fascination on cats, she is seen to actually hate fish.

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