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Uzuki Shimamura

Uzuki Shimamura (Tag name: 島村卯月) is a recruitable character in iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls.

"Nice to meet you Mr. XX-Producer! Shimamura Uzuki, 17 years old. I'll work hard to the fullest extent, so let's make our dreams come true, OK?♪ I'll be in your care!"
"L-let's keep working hard!"
"Will everyone enjoy themselves?"

Weight45kg (44kg after special training)
3 SizesB:83 W:59 H:87 (B:83 W:58 H:87 after special training)
BirthdayApril 24
Blood TypeO
Dominant HandRight
Place of BirthTokyo
HobbiesLong phone calls with friends


A right-handed 17 year old girl born in April with O blood type, a bust of 83cm, and whose hobbies include long phone calls.
Doesn't this seem kind of familiar?

In The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, she is one of the first idols to be recruited under the cute category.
Due to being obtained so early in the game, she has very low stats.
Among fans, she is included in the 2 Cost Alliance.

She wants to be a full-fledged idol and many of her lines relate to that theme. She's full of enthusiasm for her work and wants to do her best.
Because of that, nearly nothing else is known of her private life and "natural" behavior outside of work is almost never seen.
In addition, she has no known interactions with other characters and her only other official appearance was in the first "Cinderella Girls Theater" 4koma. However, nothing could be gathered about her personality from that short, 1-panel appearance.
Because of this, she's been called "Mysterious Girl" or even worse, "A Robot Imitating a Human".

She's often referred to as "Shimamura-san". It's not necessarily a bad thing. The Shimamura-san tag has been used to give Uzuki a "Secondary, Creative, Uzuki Shimamura" image.

Haven't we seen this before? A "Normal Girl" who wants to be a top idol?

However, in Cinderella Girls, there already exists a "Normal Girl" Amami Haruka S Rare card that breaks the balance of the game. What even is normal anymore...

History of the gap between her and other characters

Despite being one of the first girls introduced, among them, Uzuki has notably made no progress in upgrades.

A 2 cost Cool Normal -> an S Rare card -> Appearance in the commercial -> CD Debut and accompanying S Rare. Much progress has been made indeed.

A 2 cost Passion Normal -> A limited-edition Valentine's Normal -> A Rare ranking award in the 2nd production wars. The progress is steady.

A 3 cost Cute Normal -> A limited-edition White Day Rare that's quite powerful.

A 2 cost Cute Normal -> A Dress completion Rare during the Flower Viewing event. Both started as 2 cost cutes, but one has made progress.

  • Pajama Party Comp Gacha
During this, one of the last remaining few 2 cost normal, Chiakai Kurokawa received a rare.
Chieri Ogata and Misato Manaka, other cute normals, also received Rares. Chieri Ogata in particular already had a powerful Rare from Valentine's Day.

  • Birthday
It was hoped that to commemorate her birthday on 4/24, that she would receive an upgrade of some sort, but the day passed and the only thing that was announced was the start of the "comeback campaign".

These events have led to another fan-created personality for Uzuki. One where she realizes that her turn to get an S Rare will never come.
In a similar situation, 2 cost Passion Normal, Mio Honda, is often paired with her for this reason.

Due to how unfortunate she's been, many cannot help but wish her happiness in the future...
Please higher-ups! Give her a Rare or an S Rare really soon!

This combination of pity along with the recent passing of her birthday has given her a boost in popularity.

Go for it Shimamura-san! An S Rare is surely waiting for you!

Did the fans' voices go through...

Uzuki Shimamura's CD Debut finally confirmed on 5/25!!
Having been pitied up until now, her struggles have finally been rewarded!
Shimamura-san's CD Debut and S Rare are what the producers are expecting.

As she would say in this situation, "This is not our goal, this is where it really starts!"
Truly, congratulations Shimamura-san. You are truly a "Cinderella Girl".

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