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Kanako Mimura

Kanako Mimura (Tag name: 三村かな子) is one of the available characters for the mobile game IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, under the Cute category.


 Age 17
 Height 153cm
 Weight 52kg
 3 Sizes B:90 W:65 H:89 (After training : 90-63-89)
 Birthday January 6
 Horoscope Capricorn
 Blood Type O
 Dominant Hand Right
 Place of Birth Tokyo
 Hobby Making snacks

A 17 years old girl who loves making snacks. She is particularly notable for having a sexy body that rivals Azusa Miura and Takane Shijou, even with the height she has on mind right now (153CM). After special training, her waist will turn from 65 to 63.

While her stats are considered to be pretty low, her "fluffy" personality along with her attitude towards the producer has since attracted quite a lot of fans (producers) to actually like her. Especially with her tendency to bake cookies and snacks for the producers.

Due to her illustration after her special training, it was then found out that she has a plump looking body with huge breasts, and combined with her personality, she is considered to be the "full armor version of Yukiho" by the fans. She is also sometimes tagged with "Plump" as a pair depending on how the illustrations are depicted, even though her weight is normal and does not show any sign of overweight.

She is not the only one who has that kind of feature, as both Erika Akanishi (from the cute category) and Naho Ebihara (from the Passion category) are also plump characters.

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