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Yukiho Hagiwara

Yukiho Hagiwara (萩原雪歩 Hagiwara Yukiho) is an idol from 765 Production who lives in Tokyo.
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Height155 cm
Weight42 kg
BirthdayDecember 24th
Blood typeA
Three sizes81-56-81 cm
HobbiesWriting Poetry, Tea, Blogs
Voice ActressYurina HaseAzumi Asakura

U-Um... I... I want to change myself! P-please take care of my production.


A timid and shy girl, Yukiho Hagiwara, 17 years old (16 in 1st Vision), comes from a very strict traditional Japanese household. She is easily frightened, especially by boys and dogs. During most hardships or problems she usually just starts to cry without first looking for a solution, and because of this she is very popular among the boys at her school.

Despite her not really having what it takes to be an idol, she was able to successfully win both auditions at 765 Production because one of her friends submitted a resumé about her without permission. However, she built up enough courage to pass the second portion of the audition herself.

Yukiho's family consists of herself, her father and mother, though there are also many of her father's disciples living at the mansion. Her father is against the idea of his daughter being an idol, sometimes even bad-mouthing the producer out of jealousy.

Yukiho loves to drink and make Japanese tea, and also likes to write and read poems, though she never has the courage to share them with others.

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