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Ryo Yamada (Bocchi the Rock!)

Ryo Yamada (山田リョウ) is a character in the manga "Bocchi the Rock!", and is the bassist of the rock band "Kessoku Band".
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BirthdaySeptember 18th
Blood typeAB
AffiliationKessoku Band, Shimokitazawa High School
Voice ActressSaku Mizuno


Ryō Yamada (山田リョウ, Yamada Ryō) is a character in manga and anime series Bocchi the Rock!.

She is the bass guitarist of the rock band "Kessoku Band". She also composes music.

She was a second year high school student when she first appeared in the series, and moved up to third year in volume 3. She is a classmate of Nijika Ijichi and has always been in the same class with her. She works part-time at the live-house "STARRY" with Nijika (mainly as a receptionist).


A girl with a unisex appearance and a mysterious atmosphere, who is quiet and expressionless. She often attracts women, notably Ikuyo Kita, who has a crush on her at first sight. However, her inner life, words and behaviour are those of an oddball, and she is pleased to be told so. She often doesn';t understand the situation, and is always being told off by Nijika.

Nevertheless, Ryo has also a sensitive side: when she performed a very minor song at a school festival in junior high school, the audience was completely unexcited beyond her imagination, and she still dreams about it from time to time.

Although her family is wealthy (they run a clinic) and she has a lot of allowance, she is always short of money because she spends it on her musical instruments. Therefore, she often borrows money from other people, but does not pay it back.

She is also greedy with money, and for example, when she noticed Hitori Gotou's good looks and figure, she tried to use it to gain views for music videos. She also sold mere cable tie as wristbands for her band merchandise at concerts (apparently without Nijika's permission).

She has no friends other than Nijika, and is basically an introvert. At first, Hitori thought she was like herself, but when asked what she does on her days off, said: 'Oh no, not like that! She is someone who likes to be alone!"

Even so, she often sympathises with Hitori as an introvert, and they have many interactions due to the fact that Hitori is in charge of writing lyrics.

She has a unique brain, and despite entering a prestigious high school via overnight cramming, she is currently unable to even dabble in learning the first grade range of junior high school. Her brain is so small that you can hear it rolling around in her head.

She seems to forget about music if she studies, and in the story she not only avoids the danger of staying in the same year but achieves near perfect marks in all subjects, although she becomes too aware and says things like "I'm quitting the band" and "I'm going to take the entrance exam to the University of Tokyo".

The reason she started rock 'n' roll was her rebellion against her parents, who had been doting on her since she was a child. She was hoping that her parents would stop meddling with her, but they are still doting on her to this day.

She is a fan of Kikuri Hiroi and admires her, including her eccentric behaviour during live performances. When she attended a live concert of Kikuri's band SICK HACK, she spoke fluently about the appeal of psychedelic music, and Kita was surprised that she could speak so fluently.

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Takahiro Yamada (山田貴洋) ...A real person from whom her surname is based. Bassist of Japanese rock band ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION.

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