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Shaddiq Zenelli

Shaddiq Zenelli (シャディク・ゼネリ) is a character from the Anime "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury" series.
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BirthdayJanuary 21st
Blood TypeB
Voice ActorMakoto Furukawa


Shaddiq Zenelli is the 3rd year pilot student. His student ID number is "KP003". He is Sarius' adopted son and dormitory leader. He is also a duel committee member, acting as a mediator between the parties and witnessing the matches.

He was originally an orphan who grew up in Grassley's facilities, and through his hard work and hard work, he gained Sarius' trust and has achieved numerous achievements as a future executive candidate. Although he feels indebted to Sarius, as a manager he implicitly criticizes Sarius's narrow perspective. While he spends his time at school as a pastime, dating many women, he also interacts with business people.

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