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Varka (Genshin Impact)

Varka is the current Grand Master and Knight of Boreas of the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact.


AffiliationMondstadt, Knights of Favonius
CV? (EN), ? ja (JP)


Varka is the current Grand Master and Knight of Boreas of the Knights of Favonius. Half a year ago, he departed on an expedition with eighty percent of the Knights of Favonius' manpower, leaving Jean as the Acting Grand Master in his absence.


Based on other people's remarks about him, Varka is one of the strongest people in Mondstadt. Tartaglia calls him the "titan of the Knights of Favonius" and hopes to one day face him in combat, Barbara says that there's nothing to worry about as long as he is leading the expedition and Eula suspects that he had been intentionally holding back during a sparring session.

At some point before the Traveler's arrival in Mondstadt, Varka brought Rosaria to Mondstadt so she could redeem herself, although he did not appear to have expected her to do so in her own way. He also accepted Eula into the Knights of Favonius and met Razor in the forests of Wolvendom. Varka appeared to know Razor's parents and kept a box in storage that held some of his parents' mementos.


Varka appears to be jovial and well-liked by the people of Mondstadt. He is rather carefree and often leaves Jean to perform the actual duties required of his position while he goes on expeditions, but Jean does not resent him for it and Kaeya says he appreciates Varka's attitude.

Character Mentions

Grand Master Varka is the legend of his generation. On the day of his triumphant return, I shall be sure to personally introduce you to him. I'm sure you too will be in awe of his greatness.

The Grand Master placed Mika on the front line of the expedition team not simply because he met the requirements of the mission — more importantly, he was impressed by Mika's hardworking and grounded nature. From my own perspective, I feel very honored to work with someone like him.

When I'm wholeheartedly devoted to my work, all of my troubles and and even my sense of time seem to just slip away. Hmm, Grand Master Varka did say to me: "Jean, there is no better candidate for this task"...

I'm sure Varka means well, but his long-winded conversations get real old real quick. Although, he does really care for those around him, doesn't he?

Varka? Just the thought of one day going head-to-head with him in combat, the fabled Knight of Boreas himself, titan of the Knights of Favonius... It makes me buzz with excitement. It's a beautiful life we live in this world.

Now that you mention him, it is a shame there is no one in the Knights of Favonius to inherit the Grand Master's approach to his work. (sigh) I must say I really do appreciate people like him.
The title of Cavalry Captain is nothing to get excited about. Now that I think about it, the Grand Master took all the cavalry from Mondstadt so there's none left for me to captain... Heh.

Grand Master Varka... Whilst I understand his disposition, I can make no sense of his actions. ... I—I've said too much already. I've long since left the Knights of Favonius. Forget I said anything.

Hmph, the Grand Master... He doesn't like to beat around the bush and has no care for rumors or trivial matters. A good guy, I guess. I sparred with him once, which ended in a tie, but his relaxed expression and leisurely attitude clearly indicated that he had been holding back the whole time... Such indignity! I will not let it go!

Varka? Razor doesn't know... Oh, Varka is... a name. That man big. Big steelclaw, Razor's name - Varka gave him. Oh... want to see him.

He's my role model! Talk about team leaders — he's the Grand Master! Leads the whole darn Knights of Favonius! How incredible do you have to be to do that!? Recently, though, I've been thinking that having a smaller Adventure Team isn't such a bad thing after all. I mean, if things got too busy in the team, I'd have no time to look after all my dads in the guild, would I? Yeah... Yeah, things are fine the way they are.

My father left on the expedition with Grand Master Varka... I hope they are okay. Oh, what am I worried about? The Grand Master is none other than the Knight of Boreas, of course they will be fine! Still, I will be sure to pray for their safe return.

At first I wanted to join his expedition party and do my part as a maid. But the Grand Master said no — it would give him more peace of mind if I stayed behind to take care of things in Mondstadt. It made me so happy to hear how much he values me! ...Okay, so apparently he said the same thing to a lot of people. But that doesn't change the fact he prizes me too!

Jean? She has served exceptionally well as Acting Grand Master, one can even say she is more reliable than Grand Master Varka. Perhaps in our hearts, we all eagerly await the day she can become the official Grand Master herself.

After the Grand Master left on his expedition, all the affairs of the Knights of Favonius, both big and small, have been left up to Jean. If only there was more I could do to help her...

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